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how is "Voronoi" pronounced? NT

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Its a type of diagram that splits sections of space at even distance between each adjacent points (I'm not sure if I'm explaining this well in english, see the link for an example)

sample applet

With my French accent I guess I could easily pronounce it "russian style"... but I'm not sure exactly how it should be pronounced ;)

[edit, added details]

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X4.5 Where have these terms - Delaunay, Voronoi - come from and how to
X pronounce them?
X Such questions arise regularly in the newsgroups such as
X sci.math.num-analysis or
X Delaunay and Voronoi are probably two biggest names in computational
X geometry. Delaunay was a math professor at Moscow University in 20-
X 30-ies(?). He seems to be of a French descent. There are no Russian
X name which have similar spelling, while it is a fairly frequent French
X name [de - la -'ne]. This is quite possible, since there were quite a lot
X of French settled in Russia after French Revolution and in 19-th century.
X Voronoi worked in Germany and in France at the beginning of this
X century. It is interesting to note that in contrast to Delaunay he
X probably was of Russian origin. This is a typical Russian word and name
X pronounced [vo-ro-'noy]. It means "raven" (color, typically of a horse).
X These names are connected with a fundamental partition of a domain -
X Delaunay triangulation and Voronoi tesselation. This partition and
X discovery of its many properties is also connected with other names -
X such as Dirichle and Thiessen.

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