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j2me barrier layer question.

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I want to have multiple barrier layers: 1 for actual collisions, and another as a an attribute/tile map, is this a feasable way to do things? C) The first game Id like to take a crack at has irregular sprites, a sprites 3 frame running animation is 22x32, yet his one frame attack animation is 44x32. Is there anyway to handle this? any good work arounds? anyone develop any classes to do this? I am not sure how to do this within the context of j2me. What I was thinking was to create like another kind of class, SpriteOBJ class or something, that holds a list of sprites (for sprite lists) and then the sprites have to be the same size still, but I can seperate them out via lists, so list to list they dont have ot be the same size... but then the fact that midp2.0 apparently uses sprites as its main object, this sort of abstraction im unconfortable with. I will post a code review shortly, i finsihed a way to do the sprite lists, but its probably bloated and a horriable solution (can't profile to well on my under powered lap top) [Edited by - Codejoy on June 15, 2005 11:07:23 AM]

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