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Hey everyone; The Golden Means ratio. This ancient proportion was discovered long ago to be one of the most, if not the most pleasing proportion to the human eye. Look around you, it is everywhere. Nearly every rectalinear architectural surface you can find contains it. The simple reason is that is works for your design to please the person who looks upon it. The abscense of it is quickly noted on the perceptual level. I have made a calculation of the golden means in a table available at this resource path: Link Please note the scale is to the foot. The measurements chosen are standard architectural scales in interior construction at the beginning of the table, and scale out to large outdoor area scales should you choose to use them in proportioning your outdoor views. Also note when scaling for third person over the shoulder views, a higher Z value for the ceiling line is used, as was described in the Max Payne design article over at Enjoy and may the Golden Means guide your design scale always. Adventuredesign

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