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In an effort to get more people interested in out projects, I have created a forum for us here at Dreampatch, so that if anyone has any suggestions they may post them here. I understand that there are very few posts there at the moment (probably an understatement), which is why I am shamelessly advertising here, lol. For anyone who wishes to know, we are currently working on "Divine Curse" as our main project although "Ring of Fury" is still in production so please leave any suggestions for that too. We will soon be putting up our Website (around 30th June) and I hope you all like it (it's purple). is our forum, so please feel free to post, I will be finished on the current game design soon and I shall post extracts from the actual document for your reading pleasure. [Edited by - Dreampatch on June 9, 2005 7:45:59 PM]

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