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Ultimate Unwrap and TrueSpace

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Battagline    449
I've been using Ultimate Unwrap to Texture models created in TrueSpace, because texturing in TrueSpace is rather painful. The problem I'm having is that when I texture something with Ultimate Unwrap, in TrueSpace, the texture looks extremely pixelated. In addition, when I attempt to render the object, it renders as a wire frame. Does anyone know what's going on? Thanks

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tiles    240
Ultimate Unwrap ? I haven´t used it yet .

I just know that the native TS Unwrap tool is crap. Produces nothing than nonsense to me . So my advice is to keep the fingers away from unwrap . But i am just a little hobbyist ... :)

One for your pixelated look : have you set the texture resolution to a correct size ? Using a 1024x1024 pixel texture with a texture resolution of 256x256 pixel or even smaller will always look pixelated ;) . You can change it in the display options ...

I have no clue why it renders a wireframe. Maybe the faces are flipped ...

Well , i don´t feel that texturing is a big pain in TS , even with its native tools . You should dive into the UV Editor a bit. It´s fairly easy once you got the hang of it. This means, when you are using TS 6.6 ...

Here you can find a short UV Editor Tutorial . Made for Gamespace , but the one in Truespace is nearly the same :

Introduction to UV Mapping

One of my favourite helperplugins to cut the mesh into the needed UV areas is called Facemaster . This tool gives you a way to select faces with the same colour/material. Which provides you with a way to create named selections very easily without manually selecting around the faces in TS 6.6 . Just paint the faces with a colour, select the colour with facemaster, and convert the selection into a named selection then . Do it with all areas of the mesh, apply the needed UV space to the selections, and you are half through . This plugin is even more useful for earlier versions than TS 6.6

For some simple Meshes there isn´t even a need to dive deeper . Did you know that you can scale, rotate, move the UV space ? Select your object, click the Button for Cubic UV projection. A box appears around your object . Now rotate the UV Space , or scale it, or move it ,using the object rotate/move/scale buttons . You can also select a single face , and tweak its UV space around this way ...

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Jehsup    298
I havent messed with U UW in awhile, but I beleive there is a setting that controls the resolution of the exported UV mapped texture(s). Look through all of the menus and submenus. Im at work now and dont have access to it.

Good Luck,


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