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Original post by Dko
I know there is plenty of info out there for C++ but is there any good sites for the beginer to

Troll time. Don't use for games, in fact only use for quick and dirty stuff until you can do it right. On second thought, do it right the first time and avoid VB like the plague.

Untroll. has it's uses, you may want to check out your local book store for books. Hit up your parents for cash, or get a summer job. You may also want to check out microsoft's msdn library for documentation. Also I would reccommend you start programming in something else before you move to VB as it will allow you to better utilize VB. Maybe something like python.

I know you requested sites (msdn has a site), but generally internet sites don't do as well for teaching languages and stuff as books do. They usually have code snippets and reference sections rather than tools for actually learning a lang.

Troll. C++ so 0wn3rs all other langs...

Untroll. C++ is a very complex, large, and powerful language. It is not very easy to learn, but once you learn (enough of) it, it is very very powerful. For learning C++ check out "The C++ Programing Language" by Bjarne Stroustrup (the creator of C++). It is a bit advanced and fast moving, but it is complete and does not half teach the language avoiding more complex concepts.

Also realize, if you are intrested in programming games is not the language to go for. It will be fine for learning some simple concepts/pong/tetris..., but real games are done in other langs.

Man that was long... thanks for sticking with me...

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Im not currently really using VB for a game. Thats what im 'trying' to use C++ for :P But for now I wana make a application for the PnP rpg I play with my friends.

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