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DarkLands : Scenario Scripting..

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Hi guys! It's been a while since I've posted an update on Explorations. I've begun full-time construction on my first game world using the DarkLands library. This library consists of all the weapons, spells, and objects used within my RPG World. Currently, I have over 87 fully animated monsters. (Hoping to reach 150!) One of the fundamental differences between Explorations and many other game engines is the scripting techniques. Explorations doesn't force you to be a developer to create games, instead you use an A.I. based script designs to allow very powerful NPC/PC to NPC/PC interactions. Above is the town weapons shop. Explorations allows MapGroup (buildings) to be attached to an interior floorplan. When the object is attached to another floorplan map it can fully export and package the MapGroup and floorplan without any manual editing from the user. (Great for groups working on seperate areas of the game.) The interior of this weapons shop has a shopkeeper and two gaurds that protect the place. Here is where the fun begins! Using Explorations, you can script a fully functional weapons shop. NOTE: There is a time-based event script database. The shop is open from 8:00AM to 5:30PM daily. Upon close everyone must leave. You can script patrons to enter the shop from time to time. These NPC's can buy, steal, or just look around. If anyone is caught stealing the guards will attack them. The guards will get hungry and go to lunch around 12:00 noon. When one returns, the other will take his lunch. (To make sure the shop is protected.) ;) Explorations allows you to script an infinite amount of detail to enhance the realism and functionality of this shop and package the entire design, scripts, sprites, sounds, and animations as a single object. - The building in the 1st screenshot. Imagine having a choice of 5-10 weapons shop designs to choose from as you create your game. Each design could have entirely new character personalities and scenarios. Simply drag/drop and you know the entire weapons shop as well as character personalities will be restored. Script once and re-use forever! This design was made to support real PnP role playing games. The A.I. scripting system creates functional scenarios that may encourage players to just sit in the weaponshop all day to "see what will happen next." Here is what people say about Explorations: C# developer, sford thinks "Could I build Explorations... yes, but not for 199.00. It is a steal, and very close to what I would build if I built my own." Former RPG Toolkit User, lionheart "Also about explorations i have been coming and going since version 5 and the reason i always return its the best 2d engine out there and i feel that i can create some excellent games with the engine. " Check out Explorations today! Explorations RPG System Tye [Edited by - exploreRPG on June 10, 2005 5:32:06 PM]

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