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Sean Bourgeois

New developer/publisher of multiplayer online games questions..

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Looking for some insight regarding the proper assembling/outsourcing of teams while creating a developer/publisher of online multiplayer java games in the pay-per-play space. We have the financing available to produce several titles, and we intend to outsource the art, design, and java programming. Questions are: 1. Is it generally better to come up with the general design, art, 3D, and animation before designing and building the core java game engine, or the other way around? 2. Any suggestions as to what should be considered "core" and brought inhouse full time, and what could/should be outsourced in the game development/publishing process? 3. Is there any rec'd resource as far as game design, development and production best practices in terms of team development, org structure, and process anyone could recommend? Many thanks for all opinions.

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