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Unity Finalizing a project (taking the compiler out of the equation)

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_Phalanx_    180
Hey, I have just finished my first program, its a space invaders type game and im really proud of it. I would like to thank all of you at gamedev who have helped me solve many problems i have came across on my journey of learning to program. I am now starting to get the knack of things and hopefully i will be able to give back to this community one day. Ok so here is my problem, I am using visual studio c++.NET compiler. I want to know how to finalize my game, how to compile it and all that so that its good to go for the general public and i dont need to run it thru the compiler anymore. I tried simply moving the .exe from the debug folder to the main folder but this doesnt seem to work, any help on how to do this would be great, thanks. p.s. since this game is finally done i will be posting a thread soon on where to download it so you guys can see what you helped me make, its actually fun. I never imagined the art and other shit would take just as long or longer than the programming LOL.

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Spoonbender    1258

I tried simply moving the .exe from the debug folder to the main folder but this doesnt seem to work, any help on how to do this would be great, thanks.

So what happens when you try it? Specific errors would be helpful, as always. ;)
Most likely your program requires other files (dll's, image files, sounds or whatever), and when you move the .exe alone, it can't find those.
So what you (most likely) need to do, is copy those files along with the .exe

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Toolmaker    967
First of all, the debug exe is not fit for this. Open the MSVC environment, find the drop down box with "Debug" in it and then set it to "Release". Now click on the "Build" menu, and do "Rebuild Solution". This will force the compiler to delete old intermediate files for the release build and create them from scratch.

After you release .exe is done, copy it to the folder where it's suppose to be. So if all your datafiles are in the project root without subdirectories, dump it in there. Try running it OUTSIDE the IDE and see how it works.

If it all works fine, zip it up, and upload it. Or make an installer out of it.


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