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GetClipList Failure

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Using DirectDraw7, I want to get the clip list from the directdraw clipper in windowed mode, so that I can write my own blt functions and not draw on other windows that are partially in front of mine. When I try GetClipList, it fails, returning DDERR_INVALIDPARAMS. Heres my code:

	DWORD size;
	memset(&rd, 0, sizeof(RGNDATA));
	rd.rdh.dwSize = sizeof(RGNDATAHEADER);
	rd.rdh.iType = RDH_RECTANGLES;
	lpClipper->GetClipList(NULL, &rd, &size);

        //and when I create the clipper i do this:
      	lpClipper->SetHWnd(0, hWnd);

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Actually, I don't necessarily need to use the DirectDraw Clipper to do this. Is there a win32 function that will do the same thing? That is, given an HWND, return a list of rectangles that are visible on screen.


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