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Telnet Chat Server

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i am trying to make a simple telnet chat server ... i .. socket() .. bind() .. listen() .. the accept() here goes the problem i want every one to send in turn ... :S cant figure it out ... everything is mixed and i get stupid outputs i did that ...

		sockaddr_in clientaddr;
		int addrlen = sizeof(sockaddr_in);
		if((clientsock = accept(mainsock , (sockaddr*)&clientaddr , &addrlen))!= SOCKET_ERROR){
			char buffer[1000] = { 0 };
			send(clientsock ,welcomeMessage , strlen(welcomeMessage) ,0);
			cout<<"got connection from "<<inet_ntoa(clientaddr.sin_addr)<<endl;
			int recieved = recv(clientsock , buffer , 80 ,0);
				char dataToSend[1000] = { 0 };
				cout<<"\t\t: ";cin>>dataToSend;
				send(clientsock,dataToSend , strlen(dataToSend),0);
				recieved = recv(clientsock , buffer , 80 ,0);


Thanks in Advance

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