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Loki bug (which you can easily reproduce)

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if you're bored [smile] Think Verg is still a dope? [smile] Here's the source which will cause a Loki library bug to happen, if you're bored and wanna try it... NOTE: You'll have to include the Loki files Singleton.cpp and SmallObj.cpp, as well as make the Loki header files available to your test project for it to build... The header file "test_3.h":
* Loki library: potential bug #1219255                      *
*                                                           *
* Test case which causes apparent failure inside            *
* SmallObj.cpp vers 1.3                                     *
*                                                           *
* Files where bug was discovered were from:                 *
* (  *
*                                                           *
* Originals can be found at:                                *
* (                *
*                                                           *
* by: Chad Lehman (          *
* Date: June 12, 2005                                       *
*                                                           *

// The following test will cause the ASSERT on line 292
// of Rich's "SmallObj.cpp" to fail:

// assert( ( NULL == emptyChunk_ ) || ( emptyChunk_->HasAvailable( numBlocks_ ) ) );
// The emptyChunk_ pointer points to a chunk whose available
// blocks appear to be:
// emptyChunk->blocksAvailable_ == 254
// The following only appears to happen if the SmartPtr
// uses the RefCountedMTAdj<ClassLevelLockable>::RefCountedMT
// Ownership Policy.
// The assert comes after the second call to void testIt()
// inside int main()

#include <windows.h>	// so that _WINDOWS_ macro is
						// defined, which allows
						// ClassLevelLockable to be defined

#include <loki/SmartPtr.h>
#include <loki/Functor.h>

extern int main();
void testIt();

namespace testcase{

	using namespace Loki;

class holder{


	class innerClass



	typedef SmartPtr<innerClass, RefCountedMTAdj<ClassLevelLockable>::RefCountedMT >				inner_class_ptr_type;

	virtual ~holder(){}


	// assert fails! (line 292 SmallObj.cpp): 
	// When attempting to create this SmartPtr inside a
	// second object of type "holder"

	inner_class_ptr_type									_innerclass;


The .cpp file:
#include "test_3.h"

void testIt()
	testcase::holder h;

int main()
	testIt();     // uh oh! Trouble here!!

	return 0;

[smile] Yep, Verg is still a dope [lol]

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