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X/Y Co-ords after rotation

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I have an image in the centre of the screen. And I have drawn the image at its centre point and can rotate the image by prssing left/right. Now I also have 2 variables which store the top centre of the object, and the bottom centre of the object. I would like to know how to calculate these exact same points (top/bottom centre of image) when the image is rotated. I am guessing a formula using Sin/Cos and the angle the car is rotated at is the order of the day, but I am at a loss and maths isn`t my strong point =( Thanks for any help.... If you need a better explanation, just say! r!K

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You mean like this?

| |
| |
| |

x = oldx*cos(Angle) - oldy*sin(Angle)
y = oldx*sin(Angle) + oldy*cos(Angle)

But you must be doing something like this if youre already rotating it right? Maybe not.

If you have the corner points already then the center points are just:

x = (x1+x2)/2
y = (y1+y2)/2

where (x1,y1) and (x2,y2) are the adjacent corners.

Tell me if I''ve misunderstood you.

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