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BSP render!!!

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Hi, First of all, sorry for my english, Im from Madrid :-). Im trying to render BSP map. The problem comes when i try to render it. I dont want to use nodes and lefs for the moment. First i want to know if everything that i did before was good. So now i want to render bsp with the fastest(writting code) way. I saw two ways of do that. A)With glDrawArrays void render() { glEnableClientState(GL_VERTEX_ARRAY); glEnableClientState(GL_TEXTURE_COORD_ARRAY); glVertexPointer(3, GL_FLOAT, sizeof(tBSPVertex), &(sMBSP.BSPVertex[0].vPosition)); glTexCoordPointer(2, GL_FLOAT, sizeof(tBSPVertex), &(sMBSP.BSPVertex[0].vTextureCoord)); int nfaces = matConstTam[12][1]; //number of faces while(nfaces--) { if(sMBSP.BSPFace[nfaces].type != 1) continue; //only normal poly tBSPFace *pFace = &sMBSP.BSPFace[faceIndex]; glBindTexture(GL_TEXTURE_2D, todas_texturas[pFace->textureID]); glDrawArrays(GL_TRIANGLE_FAN, pFace->vertexIndex, pFace->numOfVerts); } } B)Inside de while tBSPFace *pFace = &sMBSP.BSPFace[faceIndex]; glBindTexture(GL_TEXTURE_2D, todas_texturas[pFace->textureID]); glBegin( GL_TRIANGLE_FAN); int verts = pFace->vertexIndex; for(int k=0; k < pFace->numOfVerts; k++) { glTexCoord2f(sMBSP.BSPVertex[k + verts].vTextureCoord.u, sMBSP.BSPVertex[k + verts].vTextureCoord.v); glVertex3f(sMBSP.BSPVertex[k + verts].vPosition.x, sMBSP.BSPVertex[k + verts].vPosition.y, sMBSP.BSPVertex[k + verts].vPosition.z); } glEnd; Neither of them works. The result is horrible, infinite polys, strange structures and it should be a simple room. I have seen other fast ways in internet using meshvert, but i dont understand it very well. Anyone can help me? Thank a lot.

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You might want to check if you loaded your data correctly from file. Maybe something is wrong there. I assume that all the vertex and texture coordinates are in one array. What is the way you structure your data? if it a simple structure with 2 float arrays?

Plus, this isn't realy the fastest way to render your world, but it works for quick and dirty rendering. For a bit faster display, you should sort and batch the faces and render them per texture. This is more optimal for the hardware, and results in much beter performance.

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Some structs doesnt have the correct size to loading the bsp map.
So i have created constants.

#define VERTEX_SIZE 44
#define FACE_SIZE 104
#define TEXTURE_SIZE 72

struct tBSPVertex
tvector vPosition; //tvector 3 float x, y, z
tvector2 vTextureCoord; //tvector2 2 float u, v
tvector2 vLightmapCoord;
tvector vNormal;
int color[4];

struct tBSPFace
int textureID;
int effect;
int type;
int vertexIndex;
int numOfVerts;
int meshVertIndex;
int numMeshVerts;
int lightmapID;
int lMapCorner[2];
int lMapSize[2];
tvector lMapPos;
tvector lMapBitsets[2];
tvector vNormal;
int size[2];


struct tBSPTexture
char strName[64];
int flags;
int contents;

I extracted all the vertex, texture and face into a file and i compared it with other bsp render tht works, line per line a i couldnt see nothing diferent.

I know that this isn´t the fastest way, but is temporal, for the moment i only want to know if everyting that i did before was good. After that i´ll optimize my code.


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Problem solved, thanks.

Fist i changed the algoritm for this:

tBSPFace *pFace = &sMBSP.BSPFace[faceIndex];

glBindTexture(GL_TEXTURE_2D, todas_texturas[pFace->textureID]);

glBegin( GL_TRIANGLES );
for( int j=0; j < pFace->numMeshVerts; j++)
int offset = sMBSP.BSPMeshVerts[pFace->meshVertIndex+j].pMeshVerts + pFace->vertexIndex;

glVertex3f( sMBSP.BSPVertex[offset].vPosition.x,


And i had to divide every vertex by a constant, if i dont do this i cant see the map.


Now de vertex are printed correctly.

But now i have other problem. The textures. I know that have loaded it correctly because i printed a single triangle manally with a texture and i could see perfect.

The map seems to load the texture but it seems like the texture coords arent correctly assigned to gltextcoord;

Any idea?


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