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[java] Double buffering in java applet...

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I need help with my double buffering update procedure... I use this: Image offScreenBuffer; public void update(Graphics g) { Graphics gr; offScreenBuffer = null; if (offScreenBuffer==null || (! (offScreenBuffer.getWidth(this) == this.size().width && offScreenBuffer.getHeight(this) == this.size().height))) { offScreenBuffer = this.createImage(size().width, size().height); } gr = offScreenBuffer.getGraphics(); paint(gr); g.drawImage(offScreenBuffer, 0, 0, this); } But the gfx is doesn''t run smooth at all, and some CPUs even hang up when using this code... if anyone know a solution to my little prob (or even better: know a better way to use double buffering), please reply. Help my out here guys! "We paint the sky with blood tonight, setting free the damned to fight"

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Try something like this.

Image offScreenImage;
Graphics offScreenBuffer;

offScreenImage = createImage( somewidth, someheight );
offScreenBuffer = offScreenImage.getGraphics();

// Put your stuff here
public void dostuff() {

public void update( Graphics g ) {

public void paint( Graphics g ) {
g.drawImage( offScreenImage, 0, 0 );

I wanrned you! Didn''t I warn you?! That colored chalk was forged by Lucifer himself!

Opere Citato

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Looks like everytime update() is called, a new double buffer is being created -- you''re setting offScreenBuffer to null right before you check if it''s null or not . . .

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