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Pentium Assembly

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Can anyone recommend an up to date book or web site that gives a comprehensive introduction to x86 assembly from the ground up, suitable for a busy programmer? I''ve seen a few books but they were written in the dark ages. The articles on assembler on this site are all either too specific or too much of a reference. I''m looking for something that gives some ideas for common procedures that can be put into inline asm. Thanks.

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Search for Art of Assembly Language... it''s free (some 4 megs in *.pdf [1500 pages]).

It covers x86 assembly, specially for 386 and later processors... this should give you a solid base to learn newer things like MMX, SSE1, SSE2 and 3DNOW! instructions...

The book provides a huge amount of info starting w/ binary and hexadecimal math and a few notions on machine architecture and ends w/ advanced optimised x86 programming... you should be able to write virtually everything in assembly if you read through the whole book...

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