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[4E4] Legend of the Mystical Sausage Staring Keilbasa... er, I mean Kobayashi

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Okay-- this post is mostly to be used as hype for this game, as well as get comments and criticism on the game itself. I'll start off this first post as an FAQ, and a general summary of the thread. Updates go in this post. The second post will be the plot to Episode one of this miniseries of fanfiction of the comic Kid Radd. There may be more episodes, depending on how quickly I finish. If there are more episodes, once an initial idea of the plots comes, a post will be made about that in this thread. This mostly just so I don't have to make posts in Visual Arts, the Lounge and this forum for this game. Posts after that will be images, demos, legal information, comments on C+C I am getting and of course, plots for future episodes. (I am assuming the first post in a thread can be editted... just sans the title, right?) Q1) Are you nuts? Somebody will steal your game like that if you post a full statement about it. A1) I am not worried about somebody stealling my game, because my idea isn't overly original. It follows play mechanics of old arcade machines. I don't mean the light gun, DDR, stairmaster, etc., type game play. I mean when you only one joystick, and no more than six buttons on the arcade pad. Also with this thread, the moderators can note that I have made mention of my idea. If you have any problem with it, you should mention it now, rather than later, when you would look more suspect to stealling my idea, than the reverse. Q2) What is you game? A2) Story: Based upon Kid Radd comics, it takes place afterwards. Gameplay: You fight machines like Deathbot 4999 (Do not click link if you wish to read from the beginning to end), but not as Radd. As a new character, Guybot 3wood. You fight these things and inbetween each battle a little movie does the plot. Like I said, it acts like an arcade game. After you've defeated enough of the machines, you will fight Knarl. Q3) Do I need to read the entire comic before I can play the game? A3) I think that the gameplay is obvious enough that I don't need much to explain how to play the game. However to understand the little movies inbetween, reading the comic is suggested. If you don't want to have to watch them, I plan to include a skip button. Q4) Wow, I just looked at the plot--there seems to be a lot of movie stuff. Shouldn't you have a little more level based portions. A4) It is an act of balancing. I plan to get the levels be hard enough that it takes long enough to finish them, that the movies will seem short in comparison. Q5) If I read the game plot before the comic, will I be ruined from any spoilers? A5) YES YES YES! IF YOU READ THE PLOT FOR THE GAME BEFORE YOU READ THE COMIC, YOU WILL FIND ALL SORTS OF SPOILERS! ALSO, SKIP THE ENDING SCENE OF THE GAME IF YOU DO NOT WANT SPOILERS! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Q6) I am a freakin Robot Pirate--I have no Mega Radd, Uber Radd or Giga Neo to hit the blinkin light. A6) You will have a gun and a sword. Later in the game, you will have what is a combination of a Mega Radd2, a Bazooka, and a Musket. Thats all that I can think of now... -=-=-=-=- Todo: - Graphically -- Laser beam charger -- three buttocks laser beam shooters -- More spikes. -- More diagonal animations. -- Guybot attacking with sword (ala Zero style) -- Guybot attacking with gun -- Guybot victoly pose. -- Corrupt Radd2 sprite -- slowly corrupting NPC sprite -- GI R-bot2 design -- GI R-bot2's attacks - Programming -- waiting on this one... there still is 3months, right? - Music/Sound FX -- I have no idea on this one ---- Changes: - added graphics for Guybot walking, some chain sprites and some GI Radd2 sprites. -=- - updated plot. Cutscene 5 I believe--whichever has GI Radd2 eating the NPC. - updated script. Now cutscenes are labelled. - created some public domain sprites - queried on Jython vs. Clanlib/C++ - added todo list. -=- - Updated back story - updated legal information - updated button - updated some sprites -=- - Mentioning of planned target specs - GI Radd2 Designs - More character graphics -=- -Added Initial Artwork - Added backstory [Edited by - DakeDesu on June 29, 2005 5:03:37 AM]

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Scroll to signature if you wish to miss them

Setting: This would happen in the cyberworld after CRystal has been defeated. Sheena is now happily married to Radd. She has also become head of the Moderators. Radd is doing his usual sponging off of somebody... this case Sheena rather than Bogey. They have a baby Daughter named "Girl Sinead", whom even Dr. Amp does not have any idea what her potencial is.

Yes, Sprites can have children (as Dan nicely covered in his FAQ), but it is my interpretation it has mostly been NPCs mostly.

Never have two drastically different hero sprites. Like mentioned above Dr. Amp does not even know what the code has created. With Radd having his Uber Radd, and Sheena being half NPC, half hero, this "creation" of their love is a strange situation. Generally the Rulebreakers avoid having children. (Rulebreakers is a fan made term. It does not actually appear in the comic) Favouring Radd in her looks she looks rather strange.

Girl Sinead grows up into a young girl. Older than a toddler, not quite a preteen. She does not know why she is being protected by Radd all the time (Radd, is doing the usual overprotective father thing... only it is kind of justified this time). At this time, rumours are going about how Radd just needs to sneeze and the internet disappears, or that Radd has a hero life meter of 4.2 Billion. However, not much of Sheena's abilities are known other than her NPC hit detection. Well, not much beyond rumours of Sheena having a tacky fetish for dressing up like a nurse... so an most likely invicible off spring?

People start to get afraid. Rumours start to go around about a monarchy being installed via Sheena and Radd's "control" of moderators, and systems the moderators control (which is a lot after Crystal was through).

Game picks up with Guybot 3wood (my choice of last name) being hired by some group wanting to assassinate Girl Sinead. Sheena's intellegence learns this, and brings Radd with her to Kobayashi and Gnarl's place. Scene goes something like this:

End Intro. This intro would be viewable when the program starts (skipable straight to the menu)

Inbetween Demo, and selection of tutorial, or level 2, show scenes of gameplay in average.

Begin Tutorial:
Cut Scene:
Title: Tutorial
Guybot walks into death machine.
Kobayashi: Behold, the visage of Deathbot 5060
Guybot: I would there, but I've.... got things to do. Like kidnap Sinead.
Kobayashi: Then you must go through Deathbot 5060.
Guybot: What? You mean this room covered with Sharp Painful Objects?
Kobayashi: Cower in fear.
Guybot: I'm quaking.
Kobayashi *zooming in on the appropiate death machine parts.*: Well, seeing as how the last few people have gotten through, skipped to the chase, Not one, not two, but three spiked platforms will raise and lower themselves in an effort to crush you. Homing sensors will fire lasers at you at steady intervals. And then there's the, uh... the flashing light thingy. It does nothing. Well, except to blow the machine up. I guess you can shoot at it, but I'd prefer that you didn't.
Guybot: Now lets see if I cannot remember how to move about.
Guybot: I guess I could just use <left> for walking left, <right> for walking right, <down> for crouch, and <jump> for jump.
*Practice dodging for a little while.*
Guybot: Come on, I haven't got time for this... I'll just take out these hazards first...
Guybot: Now lets see if I cannot remember how to use my sword and gun. I guess I could just use my <sword> and <gun> keys.
Kobayashi: Fool! My traps are protected with an indestructible alloy! I shall laugh as your pathetic attacks bounce off with a cutesy "clink" sound! Mwa ha and ha!
Guybot: I won't ask why you let the bulb explosed and uncovered by this material... so, okay, onto next and only target,
End Cutscene
End Tutorial

-=-insert rest of level one here-=-

At end of level:
Guybot: I am Guybot 3Wood. A Robotic Pirate.

Cut scene (1):
Title: How Kobayashi got into this
Scene: Kobayashi and Gnarl's shared apartment.
Sheena: Kobayashi... we need you to protect Sinead.
Kobayashi: I don't work like that... too cool to give out freebies.
Gnarl: It just ain't our style.
Radd: So... still holding onto the idea you like the ladies.
Kobayashi and Gnarl: !!!
Sheena: Quiet Radd, you're not helping
Kobayashi: We need something in return.
Gnarl: as much as I like the idea of having a niece around--I am starting to get hasseled over it.
Kobayashi: I guess it is nice to have a half niece
Radd(to Sheena): told ya so
Sheena(to Radd): please don't instigate(sp?).
Sheena: How about I allow Kobayashi another chance at the death machine against Radd?
Kobayashi: ...
Sheena: With four blinking lights... no make it five.
Kobayashi: !!! We'll do it.
Gnarl: What?
Kobayashi: We just simply just need to rely on my mechanical brilliance!
Gnarl: Yeah, and my Gnarlborg will be useful too radd head mad

End Cut Scene

-=-Insert Level two here-=-

At end of level:
Guybot: I am Guybot 3Wood. A Robotic Pirate.

Cut scene(2):
Title: Guybot 3wood's introduction to the situation.
*Guybot enters a dimly lit room the room A figure appears in the darkness. Does not appear to have the right head to the right body, and appears somewhat glitched--but it is hard to tell, in the black layer above the scene.*
Guybot: I am Guybot 3wood, a Robotic Pirate, and I heard there was a bounty you wanted delivered.
Glitched Sprite: *crackle* yes... *cough*cough*... Sheena's *crackle* *shift* 90FALK Sheena's Sheena Sheena's daughter Girl Sinead.
Guybot: Er... my fee for such a dangerous mission is make it eight times higher.
Glitched Sprite: Twice as high.
Guybot: Four times as high
Glitched Sprite: deal.

End Cut Scene

-=- Insert Level three -=-
At end of level:
Guybot: I am Guybot 3Wood. A Robotic Pirate.

Cut Scene(3)
Title: Glitched Sprite's intentions.
*Glitch Sprite is talking to himself in his dimly lit apartment. Meant more for siloque than to show his insanity*
Glitched Sprite: heh heh 5940 heh.

Camera change.
Glitched Sprite: Silly Assassin *crackle* if he knew Radd as much as *fizzle* do, he'd know he enabled his death *cough* function as soon as he accepted. *cough*

Camera change.
Glitched Sprite: Good thing Sheeeeeeee9594s##99sgeeeeeeeeena password locked the files on her precious *cackle* * fizzle* Radd. For she knew that something 4469836086 would be up with Sinead.. most only know Radd FHSJYJEEGAVE "Sinead's Dad" and do not know the 4646wGAGADH4543q of Radd's Uber Radd beam *crackle* *fizzle* *cackle*.

Camera change.
Glitched Sprite: I'd just say *cough* it is a good thing *fizzle* I will not allow 999000999 Girl Sinead to live until *fizzle* *waver* teenage years *cough* the whole "nobody *fizzle* understands me" *crackle* would *buzz* just be too*cough*cough* what is the word? *crackle "appropiate" for her.

End Cut Scene

-=- Insert Level four -=-
At end of level:
Guybot: I am Guybot 3Wood. A Robotic Pirate.

Cutscene (4)
Title: Glitched Sprite's second face.
Scene again Glitched Sprite's usual location
Glitched Sprite: What is *fizzle* taking that *cough*cough*cough* fool so long.
Glitched Sprite paces and glitches
Glitched Sprite: They send a *fizzle* bloody*cough*inept NINJA SAMURAI NINJA LALALA to protect 9h99r precious child. What *buzz*buzz* ninja would called themselves *fizzle* "a discount ninja"
Glitched Sprite: Never *cough* worked with Radd1. Why *fizzle* would it work on this*bleep* this*bleep* this*bleep* this*bleep* thththththththis Dudetron 4iron.
Glitched Sprite: Next time he returns I'll give him a piece of my mind and then he will be completely out of mind...

light starts swinging, to reveal a chimerisation of GI Guy and Radd2... only with code corruption appearing

End Cutscene

-=- insert level five -=-
At end of level:
Guybot: I am Guybot 3Wood. A Robotic Pirate.

Cutscene (5)
Title: Code infection.

scene is, yet again, GI Radd2's badly lighted room.
GI Radd2 is consuming a living NPC. However lighting is too dim to seem much of it.
Guybot 3wood enters.
NPC: Whoa.... magical bunnies.
GI Radd2: You have failled me.
Guybot: I am sorry but the princess was in another castle.
GI Radd2: How many ways are there to combine sprite code, Guybot, by the way?
*GI Radd2 takes another bite of the NPC*
Guybot: only the mythical chimeria point--err... and the abomindation Sinead's Dad and Sheena did.
NPC: That spoony bard
GI Radd2 *quietly to NPC*: watch your language.
GI Radd2: Interesting... considering you're killing the offspring of a sprite that has been to that alledged mythical spot.
Guybot: Hey, you're the one paying my bills this month.
GI Radd2: What about sprites with damaged code.
Guybot: that is not practical. Finding damaged code to match each two sprites is highly improbable.
GI Radd2: I've done it several times... its a fun way to gain control of a mob. Though I prefer the term "violent protestors"
NPC: He's doing it to me now you friendly muffin scuba person
GI Radd2 *quitely to NPC*: Such language. Watch your tongue
*GI Radd2 takes another bite of NPC and NPC starts crying uncontrollably*
Guybot: No way you could have done that... the kind of control you would need.
GI Radd2: Now then, funny how being obliterated without a game death gives access to the funniest things--like the Seer's Neural Network. She wasn't using it anymore anyways.
*NPC continues to sob for the rest of this scene*
Guybot backs away.
GI Radd2 follows.
GI Radd2: See *fizzle* I don't want Sinead *pop*dead *sizzle* I just want to test *crackle* her abilities.
Guybot is cornered.
Guybot: You... you... monster!
GI Radd2: Funny*cough*fizzle*buzz*cough* you were the one tatatatatatatatatataking money for the privprivprivprivpriveledge*buuuuuuuuuuuuuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz* though, I am sure you will need some help turning Sinead to my side of the matter.
Scene ends with GI Radd2 infecting Guybot 3wood to become GI R-bot2. While Guybot is visible he is screaming "No!"

End Cutscene

-=- insert level six -=-

Cutscene (6):
Title: its named
Blowed up scene of level six
Kobayashi: Guybot, how did you get that new look?
GI R-bot2: I am not Guybot, I am GI R-bot2, a Robotic Zombie Pirate, and I will consume the cyber world.
End Cutscene

-=- insert level seven -=-
At end of level:
GI R-bot2: I am GI R-Bot2. A Robotic Zombie Pirate.

Cutscene (7):
Title: run into the next room.
Radd, Sinead, Sheena and Dr. Amp are all standing in this scene.
Kobayashi comes running in.
Kobayashi: quickly even further back!
Sinead: What's going on Daddy?
Radd: We just need to go a little further into the fortress.
All run into the next room.
GI R-bot2 shortly follows after them.

End Cutscene

-=- insert level eight -=-

Cutscene (8):
No title... treated like an extension to level eighth Deathbot blows up in. Parts of the Deathbot are still around, even into the boss battle.

Gnarl comes running in as the machine destroys around Kobayashi.
Gnarl: Are you injured Kobayashi?
Kobayashi: only my pride in my mechanical death machine skill!
Gnarl: We must chimerise.
Kobayashi and Gnarl do chimerisation dance and become Knarl.
Knarl: now prepare to fight us GI R-bot2 as one!
Knarl: but... we... uh... still like the ladies.
end cutscene

-=- insert fight with Knarl -=-
-=- insert fight against both Gnarl and Kobayashi. Gnarl has 999HP. After Gnarl is out both him and Kobayashi leave the roo. Kobayashi has infinite HP, however can be stunned momentarily-=-

Kobayashi and Gnarl come running out of the previous room. Standing there are Radd, Sheena, Dr. Amp and Sinead.
Gnarl: Brother, you're going to need to use your Uber Radd!
Radd charges up.
GI R-bot2 enters the room.
GI R-bot2: So... you are charging up are you... You still have the crazy idea that the Uber Radd will kill me. It has failled once already. You blew up an entire node, when you were trying to destroy the internet on your heroistic crusade.
Sheena: What?!?!
Gnarl: My brother would never do that.
Radd: You mean you're... GI Guy?
Radd powers down Uber Radd.
Sinead: What? Daddy?! Daddy! Blast this bad man away.
Radd: There are alternatives to fighting. I figured GI Guy would know that violence is not the answer...
GI R-bot2: What? Might makes right! Survival of the fitest.
Radd: What made you believe that? The Chimerisation Point Crisis? Didn't you start the moderators to keep order? Was it Crystal's lust for power?
GI R-bot2 starts to glitch up.
Sheena: How are you better? Two wrongs don't make a right.
Radd: Though three rights make a left.
GI R-bot2 starts to glitch up more.
Radd: If you must take Sinead... I ask you take my life first.
GI R-bot2 starts to glitch up even more.
Radd: I don't mean game death either.
GI R-bot2 splits appart. Glitch GI Guy disappears in a smoke of logic, Radd2 and Guybot are found lying on the floor.

Dr. Amp: ... unfortunetly... I don't think we've seen the last of GI Guy. Quickly somebody get a med team in here... Radd2 never got a chance to recover from his code corruption.
Dr. Amp considers something.
Dr. Amp: and bring that pirate robot thing to my Lab... I want to go over it.

End Ending, show credits, and reset the game.


To be added to the beginning of the levels that these describe newly appearing features on:

scene: Health Claw.
Kobayashi: Aha! Couldn't stay away from my brilliance at robotics.
Guybot: So _that's_ what you call these autrocities... here, I was thinking they were simply here to lead me to Sinead.
Kobayashi: Er... about that leading to Sinead... I need to work that out with Radd... he won't like it.
Guybot: So, what is that new hazard?
Kobayashi: Aha! Marvelling at my wonderful health claw. It is a spiked hazard that does something better--they heal whatever is in its path-- which I have them placed around the blinking lights to heal the machine.
Guybot: So, what would happen if I jumped in front of it.
Kobayashi: ... Er.. I guess that would heal you instead... but why would you want to do that?
Guybot: Yes, brilliant, give me something to heal myself in a concept of "death machine"... aren't you special.

scene: Multiple Lights
Kobayashi: Aha! I've got you this time.
Guybot: Well, duh... what brilliant idea did you have this time.
Kobayashi: I made _two_ flashing lights! With hazards around them.
Guybot: So I guess they both have to be taken out before machine destruction?
Kobayashi: Er... yeah... neat idea...
Guybot: You mean, I can win just by concentraiting on one light.
Kobayashi: Spammit! You weren't suppose to guess that one!
Guybot: I'm right aren't I?
Kobayashi: Yes.


[Edited by - DakeDesu on June 29, 2005 5:32:15 AM]

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New "Hero"

It is more or less been finalised. This show be the design Guybot 3Wood will be based upon. (Concept art done by SilverJelly from the Kid Radd forums)

Naked and standing there unmodes wave Naked with old style gun. Bye Bye Mittens YAWN! I am getting tired. who 3shot first

Now with him clothed
Standing straight These aren't the droids you are looking for blah mi mi mi fa la fa

Also the beta vesion of Sinead's design (these most likely will change.)


[Edited by - DakeDesu on June 14, 2005 10:29:57 AM]

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Not much of an update today. Also please don't expect much for the next two days... I expect to be out of it (and it is completely legal too!).

GI Guy Glitch
I've shown this shot in another thread. Since most of this post is spoiler anyways, I'll say the backstory.

Radd1 was under GI Guy's control and charging up an Uber Radd with just about enough power to destroy the internet. The general theory is once Radd1's charged attack goes beyond a certain threshold, it starts destroying code. So GI Guy took Radd1 to a secluded part of the internet, and battles Radd1 until Radd1 only has one hit point left. GI Guy then does a mind control attack on Radd1. Well, it is not actually a mind control attack. As the victim is fully concious of their actions. They just become a puppet.

So GI Guy was charging up Radd1's Uber Radd... however something goes wrong... well other than the Internet still existing. Somehow, in Legend of the Mystical Sausage's timeline, GI Guy survives... just very badly injured.

GI Guy floats around a bit on the net, but comes up to an extremely corrupt version of Radd2 that appears have been left for dead by the moderators.

This sprites importance comes later into the game.

More GuybotEven more Guybot
Just more Guybot sprites.

First attempt at shading KobayashiSecond attempt at shading Kobayashi
Here are two versions of me attempting to shade kobayashi. Yes, he is suppose to look like a twink--sort of adds to that "confused" chemistry between Gnarl and Kobayashi (IMHO those two are just Yaoi waiting to happen).

Shaded Sinead
Well, with all other characters getting shading here is Sinead. The choice of her name will be given once I thought through it more... yes, there was some thought in the chice, I just neeed to expand what I think.

So I plan to advertise this thread in my signature. Images are still allowed there right? So here is an attempt at a button for this thread to be advertised:
horrible buttons
Now I know there are several design flaws to this, can I request a few people point them out.

And finally, for the graphics, here we see various designs for GI Radd2 (and a laughing skull)
GI Radd2s
Those designs done by SilverJelly at the Kid Radd forums. I haven't expected SilverJelly to help so much on this. I'll need to post that there will be prizes, but I don't know what they are, or how they will be divided. As well as the legal rights.

As per which one I choose. I like the one next to the skull. Just needs to make it look a little more like it belongs in Thunderdome, and I will be set.


Currently I plan to have this be done so that if it were ported over to GBA it would be easy. Graphically atleast. (one viewable layer, plus two buffers each 240x160). I know it won't make much use of the judges machine. I am still a little unsure about this, as the judges aren't lawyers or machines but human. I'll post asking a little later. Too bad there hasn't been much mention of GBA emulators have came here. Otherwise I would simply make it a GBA project.

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Okay, here we go on the legal portions of the contest. Just put here to make this thread a more complete archive of Legend of the Mystical Sausage.

Original post by Khawk
Original post by DakeDesu
Hmm, so now that I let it set in... can I sum up what things I require to enter the contest as being:
1) Permission to use the characters in a fan based literature piece (games are literature).
2) Permission to have use stuff from the game in mediaclips.
3) Permission to have use the game to advertise their own site.
4) No need to transfer of trademark ownership (This is the most important of the four).

1. As long as cannot be held liable for you using the characters.
2. Correct, if we do something like that (we've never done mediaclips).
3. Correct.
4. Correct.


Also if number three is true, can I also use that to advertise (Most likely via an image you must see before entering the game, saying it was done by the KRFP)

We don't require exclusive use. Look at the Legal section.

Okay, so just so it is clear, I am good to go for a prototype demo. Once the prototype is done I will present it to the rights holder to Kid Radd. Then the contest entry will be based yay or nay. If the demo is not allowed, I should have enough of my own material to not have to make use of Kid Radd characters.


And here we go with the imagery:

New button ad
Here we go, another attempt at a button for the 4E4 proejct I am working on.

Now I've already said the version of SilverJelly's GI Radd2 designs. Here is the current version of GI Radd2 I will be using
Zombie Stoner DX
Needs work, but takes up the Zombie image a little better. Think Zombie Pirate LeChuck, rather than Zombie ala Romero

The back of Guybot 3wood was too small. So I tried to size it up. Naked looks fine (other than an overemphasised arse).
yeah, it might be a bit much

However, the jacketed one, makes him look like a poofter.
Guybot facing to the back--wearing a jacket that makes him look kind of like a poofter

Might need to work on much of Guybot's actions as they may appear too small in this game:
Guybot is maybe a tad bit small?
Seems a tad bit small to me.

And of course another charater to cameo would be Radd
Radd being somewhat more shaded
A shaded version of Radd.

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haha - this thread makes me think.... psych!

seriously though, what you propose sounds interesting and as it stands by declaring what you are doing and displaying things you've done it sets the productivity bar. [smile]

Signed, Paul

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Thanks paulecoyote.

Never thought this thread would have much impact on the contest :). I am looking through the directories I have on my webserver for this thread's contents, and I am getting up there with the ammount of stuff I've worked on.


Okay, pictures and a question.

First the pictures:
First realise that for these hazards I am taking them from a panel in Kobyashi's debue story arc. I am trying to make slight mods to them, so they still look in place with the updated characters.

First, chains

chain headed downwardschain headed leftchain headed right chain headed upchain on the diagonal (to left and up)chain. down. fast.chain pile

Animated pulley... figured I could animate it for effect (with zoom):
pulley normal small animationpulley zoom animation

Various small spikes
small spikes pointed downwardssmall spikes pointed leftwards (is that a word)small spikes pointed upwardssmall spikes pointed rightwards.

Somewhat more gangrenous spikes.
scary spikes pointed downwardsscary spikes pointed leftwardsscary spikes pointed upwardsscary spikes pointed rightwards

Moving spiked obstacles:
this spikes launches itself towards youa larger platformplatform with spikes ontopplatform with spikes on the sideplatform with spikes on the bottomplatform with spikes on the bottom and sidesplatform with spikes on top and sidesplatform with spikes on top and bottomplatform covered with spikes

Chains, pulleys and sharp painful objects are public domain

edit:sensor The sensor light, causes the machine to self destruct. You can shoot it, but I'd prefer you didn't.


Okay I am currently planning on doing this use C++ and clanlib. But the thought of using this to learn Python came up. However, I have no idea how those Python installers work. So the next option is possibly using Jython. How is Jython for making games? This game is meant to fit into a 240x160 box or resolution (basically the options are "play as small, or resize to fit fullscreen, but with craptastic graphics"), and there isn't going to be much for 3d in this game.


Will add a todo sprite list--but that belongs in the OP

[Edited by - DakeDesu on June 22, 2005 1:25:38 AM]

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From another thread:
1. Name of game
2. Genre
3. Robots, Zombies, Ninjas or Pirates?
4. 2D or 3D
5. Brief description of gameplay
6. What makes your game unique (optional)

1. Name of game
Legend of the Mystical Sausage, starring Keilbasa--er... I mean Kobayashi

2. Genre:
Single Screen 80s style Arcade game.

3. Robots, Zombies, Ninjas or Pirates?

Robot: The Death Machine.
Zombies: The Corrupt Sprite of a character that to give the name would be a spoiler... though he doesn't seem mindless, he feasts on the brains of NPCs.
Ninjas: Kobayashi of course... and maybe Knarl could be considered a Ninja
Robotic Pirates: Guybot 3Wood, a robotic pirate.
Zombie Robotic Pirate: Spoiler to give it out. You can guess though

4. 2D or 3D

5. Brief description of gameplay
Well, each level, under the current design, is a single screen filled with hazards. You go into the Death Machine, and avoid the hazards to try to hit a red blinking light in strategic locations. You can hit it either with musket(sp?), sword or later in the game, chest canon.

6. What makes your game unique (optional)

Well, at first I thought it was because it will be a "licensed" game based on the comic strip Kid Radd. It takes place sometime after the comic ends.

However, I noticed that nobody is doing old arcade style games. It appears RTS' seem to be the popular choice for gameplay. I might have an advantage there.

And now a status update:
Music/Sound: Need to find free resources for this. Though I hope I don't have to have Beethovan's Fifth playing in the levels ^_^.
Programming: Using Clanlib, I've made the programming quite easy. However, I still don't know enough to do a propper design for the levels and hazard AI. However, I need to come up with more hazard graphics (ooh! Maybe lava).
Graphics: Still have got a lot to go. Game play wise, I still need most of Guybot 3Wood and GI R-bot2 attacks, as well as Knarl's, and a few small animations of Kobayashi and Gnarl.

With the cinematics, I am screwed.
I want to do a difficulty set:
Very Easy: weak machines, stupid hazards, five lives, three continues, limited cinemas
Easy: weak machines, pattern based hazards, three lives, three continues, limited cinemas.
Medium: strong machines, pattern based hazards, five lives, one continue, full cinemas
Hard: strong machine, smart hazards, three lives, no continue, full cinemas.
Arcade: strong machine, smart hazards, three lives, infinite continues, limited cinemas.
Expert: weak attacks, strong machine, genius hazards, three lives, no continue, unlock stuff (I need to figure out what).
Extreme: one point hurt attacks, strong machine, smart hazards, one life, no continue, unlock stuff (I need to figure out what).

This will need to be balanced.

Levels: If I get done too quickly, and have an entry to send in too early, I will include levels, which consist of Guybot (or GI R-bot2), making way through dangerous levels with baddies attacking him, with the end being the death machine. Levels most likely will not make it in.

Comic Reader: No way in hell. I haven't even converted more than 10 episodes from tables to div/css. Which five a day monday/tuesday/friday is realistic. Why isn't an ingame reader realistic? I didn't have to play with the graphics in the HTML version. I just needed to cut and paste for the most part.

Unlockable features--this I need to brainstorm. Some ideas:
* Sharp Painful Object Land level featuring classic Kid Radd
* Fan based profiles on the Kid Radd cast.
* Different levels of employment in "The Nefarious Smoke Kraken Corp"
* Funny story clippings.
* er... I've got nothing... nothing that can get tacked on for this contest.

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Status update:
- Now using Lua for level design and characters.
- Currently the code base is seven files, but I can see that it will be atleast ten once I can get a prototype. That is for the central game--with lua and clanlib resource files, it may be more. The goal is to get the most done in the least ammount of code...

But no, I do not mean to make this contest's entry equivilent of Pouya's world famous Tetris game.
- Deciding on how I would mess around with a configure file (for MingW). Not sure if I should use sh or Perl for it. Sh has the support, but perl has the features. This would only be for people compiling the entry--not for the judges.
- Deciding if I should allow Squirrel as an alternative language to Lua.

- Nothing done here.

- Plan to make hero extend baddy only with the function of "ai" to be overloaded to containing access to the input system.

More sprites!

chain going up and to the rightchain going down and to the left.chain going down and to the right
Cheap filler sprites.

naked weird walkclothed weird walk
These ones were meant to try to do a sprited version of Captain Jack Sparrow's walk in "Pirates of the Carribean" Not sure if I succeeded... though, I am looking for input on how to make the walk better.

GI Radd2 headspinstrike a poseGI Radd2 doing a somewhat zombie walk
The first one is a start of one that will appear in a cinema. What will happen is that head will combine with a sprite of GI Radd2 changing to a more terrorising pose (if you've watched Rad Dwarf, think Cat's "Look Big!" tactic). The final product will be done in the cinema where GI Radd2 merges with Guybot 3wood.

The next one is a standing pose--meant to be more menacing than the previous one.

Then there is the zombie walk. In the cinema of first of these three, GI Radd2 walks towards Guybot, and I figured that if he walked like this, and continue with other themes in GI Radd2 and GI R-Bot2's spriting, I might be able to pull off the zombie element.

EDIT Why sprites don't appear:
This is why you make regular backups--I ran a wrong command, and now all my hardwork on the sprites that should be here is wasted... atleast I have the sinead update.


It may look like my productivity has gone down since initially. This mostly due to me learning Lua for this project, as well as having started on code and swapping OSes to a somewhat less userfriendly though less resource heavy OS. If you must know Knoppix Linux to FreeBSD. This mostly done due to what I imagine are some exploits available for Knoppix. Why they have squid and mysql daemons running in Knoppix is beyond my imagination (last I checked Knoppix was a user end distro, not a server distro). So there are still a few things that pop up in my shift.

Also I got three new video games I bought.

And sleep cannot forget sleep... as much as I'd like to :)


Explaination on Sinead's name.

If you didn't catch it in the Kid Radd comic, Kid Radd has an 80s theme to it. About the only fanwork for Kid Radd that does not somehow follow Kid Radd cannon or follow the 80s them would be Kid Radd Neo. So, a name based on eighties celebs would be appropiate. Early nineties is acceptable. Sinead was chosen as it looks and sounds similar to Sheena's name. It fits nicely with some of the media that will follow this game.

The idea is that as the offspring of two Rulebreakers, she has the potencial to have infinite potencial. Dr. Amp will be monitoring her progress. Later other rulebreakers will have children... I might even go the Yaoi route and make Kobayashi somehow pregnant. That pregnancy mostly because I'd feel that would be hilarious (as the father would be obvious, but both would deny it (They still dig the ladies apparently)). Sinead is the first generation of sprites that protest the common ideas of sprites creation. Sinead O'conner, from which I got the name was all about challenging preset ideas. Girl Sinead would symbolise changes, that Sinead O'conner is all about. Girl Sinead wouldn't necessarily symbolise the actual ideas Sinead O'conner is about, just that they were big changes.

Girl Sinead during this series will grow and develop her character, up to and maybe past adulthood. This will allow for some disagreement between her parents and Girl Sinead, as nobody is use to a child sprite growing up--so Sinead will have to deal with things that other sprites don't There is some fears that Sinead may be more mortal than the other sprites, as she actually ages (where as other sprites maturing is based on mental/emotional maturing alone).

This series will have such media like written fan fiction, Limited run comics (maybe some done in Dan-o-vision), more games and a few movies (that is, if I can get some voice talent). Not sure what I would call this Kid Radd series.

I most likely will talk to Aussie Evil about including Kid Radd Neo into this set of storylines. As Kid Neo would nicely counterpart Girl Sinead. Dad Radd would mostly give fears to canon Kid Radd about Sinead aging.

Long explaination, as it contains concepts and ideas that spin off an addition like Sinead's character.

[Edited by - DakeDesu on June 29, 2005 8:16:54 AM]

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Project delayed.

Not sure if I will have enough computer access where I am going to propperly make the first episode made for the Legends series. I might get a demo for Dan in by the end of August, but no promises.

However, though I am limitted on my computer usage for the next little while, I have a couple other projects I have been meaning to do.

1) Artwork for the Legends of the Mystical Sausage's manual
2) A comic.
3) An animated cartoon.
4) Reading up on AI
5) Reading up on Lisp.
6) Box modding


So if all goes well: demo, end of August.
So if all doesn't go well: Shitty release before Christmas to steal money from... er sell to the customers. ^_^

Sorry the sprites don't appear... that needs to resolved.

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