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OpenGL GUI Project

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What are you planning on doing that isn't already done in GLUI?

GLUI is a GLUT-based C++ user interface library which provides controls such as buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons, and spinners to OpenGL applications. It is window-system independent, relying on
GLUT to handle all system-dependent issues, such as window and mouse management. Features of the GLUI User Interface Library include:

- Complete integration with GLUT toolkit
- Simple creation of a new user interface window with a single line of code
- Support for multiple user interface windows
- Standard user interface controls such as:
- Buttons
- Checkboxes for boolean variables
- Radio Buttons for mutually-exclusive options
- Editable text boxes for inputting text, integers, and floating-point values
- Spinners for interactively manipulating integer and floating-point values
- Static text fields
- Panels for grouping sets of controls
- Separator lines to help visually organize groups of controls
- Controls can generate callbacks when their values change
- Variables can be linked to controls and automatically updated when the value of the control changes ("live variables")
- Controls can be automatically synchronized to reflect changes in live variables
- Controls can trigger GLUT redisplay events when their values change
- Layout and sizing of controls is automatic
- Controls can be grouped into columns
- User can cycle through controls using Tab key

I never actually used this library but from the screen shots it looks like another boring 'standard' looking GUI. One thing that might be nice is to make it 'skinable'. I dont know if you have ever used stardocks "window blinds" but if you could bring that type of functionality to the GUI that would be great!

Good luck on your project!

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Guest Anonymous Poster
This will be different to GLUI in that the whole interface will be 3D. Which means you can make 3D meshes for the windows. And it means you can add light sources and make you GUI look really cool. Everything will be totally customisable and the windows and controls will be able to be scripted to perform certain actions. Like move around the screen, spin in 3D etc.

PS GLUI looks very boring I agree, people have already asked why I don't just use GLUI, and that is the reason. I want it to look exciting, I don't see GLUI with transparent windows, or a mouse which is a light source. Do you?

And about the Resource Editor, that will basically have to write a resource file (probably a text file) which describes the window, its controls and what models they use. You will be able to 'draw' the window in it. But don't start on it yet, since we are having a big design discussion today in 1hour on #opengui on Afternet. We'll discuss the resource editor then.

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FLTK (UI library) has the ability to "skin" the UI components with OpenGL calls, plus it comes with a FLUID which is an editor which lets you design the interface visually.

Has some examples of FLTK+OpenGL apps.

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First thing's first. Write the GUI itself, using a text-format GUI file that you hand-write. Once the basic GUI components are written, write a resource editor that uses your GUI.

~CGameProgrammer( );

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Guest Anonymous Poster
A new GUI Project using OpenGL has been started! Visit the site at

Any ideas as to what the GUI should be called would be great!

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