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Dynamic binding of global variables between modules.

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I was wondering what you meant with that specifically, WitchLord? I was hoping that I could at some time bind variables specifically to some modules while not adding them to others. Like this:
mScriptEngine->RegisterGlobalProperty( "some module", "objectname", pObject );
In case you do not see the possibility of realizing this feature I will have to think about soon on how to work around it. Greets, guru.

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What I meant is that I do not intend to implement a statement like:

import float g_var from "other module";

Of course, this may change if I'm somehow persuaded that it really is a good thing. [wink]

I still intend to change the way the engine is configured so that parts of the configuration can be restricted to specific modules. You will be able to expose different application interfaces (types, functions, properties) to different modules using the same engine in the near future. Maybe even in version 2.3.0 (which shouldn't be too far away).

My intention is to make it possible to use only one engine, for all script work. The only reason to use multiple engines in the future will be if you intend to run scripts in multiple OS threads, where each engine should have at most one thread running scripts on them.

It should also be possible to change the engine configuration dynamically without having to recompile all scripts. Only the scripts that use that particular part of the configurations needs to be recompiled.


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