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Allegro, returning a ref or pointer to a bitmap

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Hello all! In my game, I am trying to put the screen display stuff in a class called Display. I'm refering to the pointer to the screen buffer, and the variables that store size of screen etc. At the moment they are in the main() function, but I think if I put them in a class then I can give the player the option to change the screen display more than once in the game (while on pause mode). Anyway, the point is, I have to declare the screen buffer inside the class, which I think I can do just fine, with: private: BITMAP* m_Buffer; in the header and then the following constructor: Display::Display() { m_Buffer=create_bitmap(WIDTH, HEIGHT); } I know how to write a method that draws this buffer to the screen, that's all fine, but what about when another one of my classes wants to draw to the buffer? Two questions: 1. Is it structurally better for my classes that hold the image bitmaps (monsters, background blocks etc) to send their bitmap pointer/reference to this Display class along with coordinates, *OR* is it better to have them draw themselves, by asking the Display class for a reference or pointer to the screen buffer? 2. If I go for the second option, how do I return a pointer or reference to the m_Buffer private member bitmap so that the calling function can access it?

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Answering just the "how to" portion:

class BadGuy {
BITMAP *canvas;

BadGuy () {
canvas = create_bitmap(64,64);
BITMAP *getCanvas( return canvas; );

BadGuy baddie;
blit(baddie.getCanvas(), screen, ... );

By the way, make sure that the constructor gets called after you have already called set_gfx_mode(). If your class gets created before the screen has been set, the bitmap will be invalid.

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