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factoring polynomials?

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I have been making a computer algebra program which does most things it should like expand factors, differentiate, substitute, arbitary precission numbers, etc. but it seems to me that all good computer algebra programs should be able to factor polynomials over the integers. e.g. x^3+2+x^4+2*x+x^5+2*x^2 ---> (x^2+x+1)*(x^3+2) I have read lots of documents about how to do this but I think if I tried to write the code for this myself it probably wouldn't be very good or efficient. So does anyone know where I might get some C++ code or other code for doing this off the Interenet somewhere? So I can modify it and add it to my program? It would save me lots of hassle. P.S. In case anyone says it I know how to factor polynomials over real numbers which is something seperate.

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