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The Sigmaverse

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First of all, I''m new to these forums so I''d like to say hi Anyway, I''ve been thinking this idea through for a few months now and it looks to me that with the right help this could become an amazing counterpart to the internet or even revolutionize it. I know you think I''m crazy or something, but just read the end of my post and then you can flame me the Sigmaverse is my idea for a 3D virtual reality similar to that explained in Snow Crash (by Neal Stephenson, great book if you haven''t read it) except more complex and realistic. The idea of SV was created by me after reviewing hundreds of websites and newsgroups about virtual reality and what people want. The idea is too complex to be fully or at least partially explained here. If you''re interested send me an e-mail at ig0r2000@hotmail.com or on ICQ my number is 99146450 (just got a new account, just for SV). SV will be useful for all people, disabled, young, old, everone. I predict a beta version will be complete in a year or two, and by then technology will catch up so you won''t need very hefty requirements for it. I could probably do this myself but I woiuld really appreciate help, programming, ideas, 3D graphics, anything -iggy r0x j00-

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