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Is it done?

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Hi Everybody! I''ve just finished my first game (I think). I''ve been following along with Geoff Howland''s Path to Game Development Article. Before moving on to the next game, it mentions that you should be totally finished with the first one. My question is, how do you know when you''re totally finished? The tetris clone I''ve written is fully functional with menus, a high score table, user configurable controls, and 1 player and 2 player modes. But is it done? I mean there are so many other features that I could add (like sound effects and music, or bombs that eliminate blocked off rows and the like, or maybe animated backgrounds for the playing field itself), but I''m starting to get tired of this particular game and am already brainstorming for the next one. So what do you think? Is it time to move on to something new, or should I spend some more energy on my tetris clone? I appreciate your advice.

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i suppose it all depends on what your plans are..
it''s a tetris clone, and from all the stuff going on with the hasbro suit, i wouldn''t try to market it because of possible copyright infringement.

but if you would just like to try out some new ideas for the game, i would take the extra time and add a few more features. If you already know how to add all of this, and you''re convinced you wouldn''t learn anything from the experience of adding those features, i wouldn''t waste your time, i''d add the tetris game to your portfolio and begin on your next game.

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