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Samurai Jack

MFC Add Class Bug (VS 2003)

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Greetings! I was playing arround with MFC and found that bug. Why I'm sure it's a bug? Because it does not notice any errors and it proceeds as nothing would be wrong. What I did? Not working procedure: 1. Create an empty WIN32 Windows application (Empty - No files) 2. Add a CPP file for the entry point 3. Included <afxwin.h> 4. Extended CWinApp and displayed a Message box (works) 5. Project Properties (Using MFC as shared DLL) 6. Added an empty resource file to the project 7. Incuded "resource.h" to the project 8. Compiled (Worked fine) 9. Created a dialog with resource workshop (VS2003 IDE) 10. Right click on the dialog and "Add Class" 11. I selected CDialog and filled the class name (& filenames automaticaly) CMyDialog 12. Clicked finish Notthing happened except the dialog closed. Working scenario: 1. Created a dialog with MFC Wizzard (dialog project) 2. Entered steps 9 till 12 After that CMyDialog.h and CMyDialog.cpp files were opened. There has to be a failure in the Add Class dialog. It could at least complain why he didn't create both files, because in the first scenario, those files do not exist on the disk. Before anyone complains I should use MFC Wizzard for MFC type project please look at point 5 - it is a MFC project, just the files will not be added! Thank you in advance!

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