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help: Using double buffers and still getting flicker...due to RedrawWindow I think.

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Hello, I am doing some simple 2d animations but am having the oddest problem. When I redraw the window, the new image never gets redrawn ontop of it. Ok, that's not entirely true. But the flicker is worse then normal filckering. I think about 90% of the time it is grey and 10% of the time I can see my image. I have to Redraw the window because my animation has transparent pixels and moves and if I don't redraw it, there is blurring since each frame is drawn ontop of the previous one (there is no flickering, however, if I don't use RedrawWindow). Is there a better way to erase the background. There must be since other programs seem to animate fine without blurring or flickering. What am I doing wrong? I really really really appreciate any help on this one as it's been keeping me busy for way too long. //I'm only redrawing the background for half of the animation to see what is going on. RECT visRect = {0,0,32,64}; RedrawWindow(g_hWnd,&visRect,NULL,RDW_ERASE| RDW_INVALIDATE ); //Bitmap memBmp; HDC hdcMem; HBITMAP hbmMem; HANDLE hOld; // Create an off-screen DC for double-buffering hdcMem = CreateCompatibleDC(hdcScreen); hbmMem = CreateCompatibleBitmap(hdcScreen, 64, 64); hOld = SelectObject(hdcMem, hbmMem); // Draw into hdcMem...note that i is a changing image Graphics g2(hdcMem); g2.DrawImage(&i,0,0,64,64,64,64,UnitPixel ); // Transfer the off-screen DC to the screen BitBlt(hdcScreen, 0, 0, 64, 64, hdcMem, 0, 0, SRCCOPY); // Free-up the off-screen DC SelectObject(hdcMem, hOld); DeleteObject(hbmMem); g2.ReleaseHDC(hdcMem); DeleteDC (hdcMem);

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