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y-axis rotation of camera match object

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I am trying to get the y-axis rotation of the camera to correspond with the rotation of an object; the object is aligned with the camera on its front vector does anyone have any suggestions/help on how to do this; so it rotates correctly? I have a y-axis based rotation I use for the camera; its stored as a float, but that doesn't seem to help. I tried setting that to the rotation of the object and it kinda would spin fast as I turned right and slow back down if I turned left. [Edited by - DevLiquidKnight on June 17, 2005 10:17:12 PM]

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Guest Anonymous Poster
If I understood correctly, what you are trying to do is:
object.rotation.y = camera.rotation.y + PI;

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according to Game Programming Gems 2, there is an article about "Mario 64", a 3rd person control.

u need 3 direction vectors, camera's front vec, right vec & input's dir vec, 1st an alternative normalized camera front vec :

2nd, an alternative normalized camera right vec :

then the input dir vec, assume up(y)=1, down(y)=-1, left(x)=-1, right(x)=1. Normalize it also.

so the final Direction Vector for character is :
final.x=(input.x * vRight.x) + (input.y * vDir.x);
final.z=(input.x * vRight.z) + (input.y * vDir.z);

then if u need the Y-radius of the final vector, do the following:
if (final.x>0.0f)

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