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Dabbling in Music

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Sorry, this is incoherent and sloppy; I'm not a very organized person. Hi, For starters, my background in music is being in my high school band. I'm a drummer. (aka dummer) :P Anyway, I think, about 1 year ago, or a little longer, I first started trying to compose. I produced some stuff, but all of that was deleted when I reformatted my HD. So, a few/several ( I can't really remember how long ) months later I started toying around w/ music again, and have been so since about November. Anyway, I work in Sibelius. Most everything I have done is incomplete and untitled, and my computer is a huge mess of incoherent sib files. I have a few pieces I'd like to share. These are recordings of Sibelius playing them w/ Kontakt. I can post the Scorches too. I would really appreciate it if someone could give me some critique. ( I have no theory lessons so please don't be too harsh :P) Orchestal. Done at the end of May this year. Untitled. may23.mp3 Orchestral. Done more recently. Beginning of June I think. Untitled, incomplete. untitled.mp3 Fantasia For The Night Sky. Orchestral.Incomplete. Created sometime at the beginning of this year I think, I dont really know, since the file is a copy. Sounds really nasty at some points, but the idea I had for it is one of my favorites. FFTNS.mp3 Piano. Done sometime in Novemeber, I think, when I first started toying w/ music again. This one actually is titled, but it's rather personal and cheesey. piano.mp3 I'd like to thank anyone who has taken the time to read this, or even a little of it, or listened to any of these mp3s. Thanks! [Edited by - valkyr on June 18, 2005 5:24:04 PM]

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