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Sprite problem?

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I have a problem in which I cant display a second animation that I load for a sprite. I am using DirectX 8. The first part here says I am creating a sprite with two different animations.
void Entity::InitAnimations(IDirect3DDevice8* pD3Ddevice, Bitmap bitmap, D3DFORMAT format)
	animations = new Sprite[2]; 

	POINT start = {0,0};
	POINT end = {250,100};
	POINT dimensions = {50,50};



	start.x = 0; start.y = 100;
	end.x = 250; end.y = 150;
If I comment out the second bitmap.Load(...) function and try to display the IDLE animation I dont see anything. If I uncomment the second bitmap.Load(...) function the IDLE animation will be displayed. I should not have to reload the same bitmap image. I think the problem has something to do with the animations[RUNNING].Load() function. Here is what the animations[..].Load() function looks like.
void Sprite::Load(IDirect3DDevice8* pD3Ddevice, Bitmap bitmap,POINT start, POINT end, POINT dimensions, D3DFORMAT format)
	width = dimensions.x;
	height = dimensions.y;
	rows = (end.y-start.y)/height;
	columns = (end.x-start.x)/width;
	numbFrames = rows*columns;
	frame = 0;
	pTexture = new PDIRECT3DTEXTURE8[numbFrames];

	for(int row=0; row<rows; row++)
		for(int column=0; column<columns; column++)
			pD3Ddevice->CreateTexture(width,height,1,0,format,D3DPOOL_DEFAULT, &pTexture[frame]);

			position.x = start.x+(column*width);
			position.y = start.y+(row*height);

			RECT rcSrc;
			POINT ptDst = {0,0};

			frame ++;

	current_frame = 0;
Anybody see anything wrong?

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