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Ugly joins using meshes for terrain sections

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Hi, I have been building my landscapes using 3dsmax. I am carving up the world into sections, each being exported as a mesh. I didn't want to use heightmapped VB's coz my landscape is impossible to make with that method! I am using geomipmapping to control LOD as well, with each area having several resolution meshes (seemed to have less popping than progressive meshes, since I can control the areas of downsampling). They look fabulous in the dx9 app...... apart from the joins. I first used a plane as the base object, but the edges we're very visible. small inaccuracies meant that gaps sometimes expected. So then I used boxes (too many vertices on backface tho!) and planes with a verticle skirt to hide the gaps between meshes. This looked bad too. I am lighting the landscape and the verticle edges of the mesh catch the light and look even more obvious than gaps! Ok, so I went back to planes, and made the sectors share a portion of terrain with the neighbouring sector. I then drew them so they overlap slightly, and this is pretty convincing, except for small areas of z-fighting, which could be solvable. Has anyone got any thoughts on this one? Jollyjeffers??? you know you want to! Thanks Simon

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yikes! ;)

Thanks coder, that link reinforces the point that to use skirts, they need to share the normals of the edge terrain.

I also think that perhaps i am using chunked LOD not geomipmapping!

My next idea is to use 'flaps'!

my flaps are gonna be thin strips of mesh which are rendered just below the join between two sectors. They will be generated from the same data that produced the sectors, so wil lshare the same normals etc. fractionally lowering these sections may eleminate zfighting

We'll see!

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