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Reverse causality.

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I think that one of the problems with games is that it is hard to make an interactive story. I think that one way around this is to use passive story that the player can discover. So when they are playing they say "Oh ! So that's why he wanted to capture Dr.Davis.", ie. they find out the motivations for earlier events. Example: In the present, there is a field full of flowers. This is a game with time travel, and when the player goes back 100 years they are in the middle of a huge battle taking place on the field. So the field is full of flowers because of all the dead bodies that have fertilised them ! (Like Poppies in Flander's field). Of course this needs the player to know that flowers are fertilised by such things. Likewise, they can find out where the crown of the King that died in the battle will be in the future. So it would be awesome from a writing perspective to go through the game and see that there is A PLOT RELATED REASON WHY the world is like it is. It isn't just like that because it looks 'cool'. (This isn't actually reverse causality, but being able to look at the consequence and work out the cause (or be told it).) EDIT: Twist in the tail /tale Another good example of this kind of thing is the twist in the tale, when the end of the game shows what you are doing in a whole new light. M Knight Shymalan (The Sixth Sense, Signs, The Village etc) is quite good at this. Wouldn't it be cool to find a game where based on something like that or 'The Others'. [Edited by - Ketchaval on June 20, 2005 8:55:23 AM]

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