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Game Content Pack utility

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Hey all, I notice a lot of post on about file formats, the problems of finding a good well documented file format. Half the formats available are years old and don't support skeletal animation and such. To be even pickier, I want to be able to use non-linear animation. So, I started making my own file format, primarily for export out of Blender(I'm just a poor boy, nobody loves me). I then made a utility to take in that format and break the smoothing groups into sets of triangle strips and lists using NVidia's triangle stripper for optimization(gives huuuuge draw speed increase :D ). The utility then can take the model and compress it using gzip into a compressed file that can hold all my game data. It also uses FreeImage to load in png files and store them in the pack, in the future I plan to add ogg support. The pack file can be used to send any game info to my game, not just predefined types. Anywho, I've written model importers(with varying functionality) for ms3d, 3ds, and anim8or, and as I have I could help thinking I was rewriting code 500 other people were also writing, and that seems kind of pointless. Getting game content into games can be a lot of work. Though my project isn't near complete(with all my whining about skeletal animation, I haven't even tested mine) I thought, if enough people are interested, we might be able to take the code to the next level. All code that's part of the project would be released under the zlib/libpng license Pretty much saying anyone can do anything they want with it free of charge. Now, I plan on contributing as much as I can, but I am also working on a game right now, and that takes up much of my time, and I have a job and such, you get the idea. I'm kinda wordy some times huh. Well if you read this far you there's a good chance this interests you. If you think you might want to contribute, or you just think this could be handy for you, post a message and tell me what you think. As large as this message is I haven't gone into much detail at all about what the project entails. We can get into that later if there's enough interest... Brad

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