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[web] passing variables to subwindows in js

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I'm trying to write a function to emulate showModalDialog (with a modeless dialog) on non-IE browsers.
function xShowModelessDialog(sUrl, vArguments, sFeatures)
  // ... (parsing sFeatures etc.) ...,"",sMyFeatures);
  modalWin.dialogArguments = vArguments;
But the new window cannot find a member called 'dialogArguments'. What am I doing wrong?

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I'm not sure exactly what showModalDialog does in IE, but anyway - I don't know whether the window object you get back from, is cleared out before the page loads. It may be.

Perhaps you should prefer window.opener.variablename, from the popup window. It's certainly safer.

Normally the browser clears out the window object (possibly creates a whole new one) every time the page content changes (i.e. via a new URL). It may be that this happens immediately in a new window, thus defeating your attempts to pass it parameters.

If the windows are both from the same site, you can use window.opener to retrieve the parameters from the parent - this will be safer.


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showModalDialog creates a window that is always on top and sets its dialogArguments property to the second argument, which I'm attempting to do. Its third features argument is incompatible with's and it doesn't have a title argument. Otherwise it's about the same as

I was hoping to create such a function that existing code could work without modifications.

EDIT: According to this it should work. Do I need to predeclare dialogArguments somehow?

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