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Msvc Intellisens Crashing when using DX9

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Hi there. I have an odd problem. While programming DirectX9 apps, my msvc intellisens crashes. That is, it only crashes when I'm extracting Transformations matrices.. The problem lasts after each time I've used the constant(?) D3DTS_PROJECTION (or view). After that, all expressions in that very function will be evaluated to "D3DTRANSFORMSTATETYPE state". The code will, however, compile and run as it's supposed to. I'm not doing that a lot, so it' not a big problem, but still.. after all, both the development enviroment and the sdk is made by microsoft and I hoped they should be compatible. As a note, intellisens in Visual Studio is when you can, like, get a list of classmembers by just typing "." or "->" I'm using Visual C++ .NET 2003 Pro and the April release of DX9SDK. Anyone with information about this issue is welcome to answere

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