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DirectShow Timeline and MIDI

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hi guys! has anyone tried playing a MIDI file using DirectShow Editing Services or DES(the one with the Timeline interface)? the reason why I need to use DES for playing is because of its timeline feature where you can queue several media files along a timeline and it also supports overlapping playing times. The implementation of DES produces low latency reactions when several files are about to be played at the same time. Very little delay between each file is created so they almost play at the same time, as opposed to using DirectSound or DirectMusic which produced an unacceptable amount of delay when playing files at the same time. i'm actually trying to play a musical arrangement composed of several files (WAV and MIDI) that are scheduled to run on particular times. so the problem is that MIDI files don't play when using the timeline. i was able to play the MIDI file by simply using pGraph->RenderFile() but if in DES, nothing happens. so has anyone successfully played a MIDI file using the Timeline interfaces? if yes, how exactly did you do it (interfaces used?) ? thanks guys!

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