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www.rust-game.com NEW Demo

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We're just release a new demo of Rust and we hope it became even more cool. :) Major changes: 1.Brand new gameflow providing you with maximum freedom in gamestyle and vessel tuning. 2.Various off-combat events. 3.Rating-table: compare yourself with 15 NPC and try to "get on Top" to win the game :))) 4.More arenas: 12 arenas in 4 zones (Moon, Pluto, Uranus and Neptune) Interested? Vesit http://www.rust-game.com !!

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Couldnt read any of the blue text for some reason it was wobbling all over the place so gave up.

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Linkified for the GameDev masses™

Well I tried running the game, got all hyped up at the starting logo screen (logo.bmp), then the game just shutdown completely without a message or anything. Here's the log file:

RUST starting. 6/23/2005 1:08:34 AM

Ini-file load...ok

System info:
Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.20GHz
x86 Family 15 Model 3 Stepping 3
~MHz: 3215

Phys: 1048044
Load: 44
Virt: 2097024

Microsoft Windows XP (5.1)
Upd: Service Pack 2


Creation of drawing context...ok

openGL init...

openGL init...ok

openGL mode: 800x600@60 <Hardware Acc> [16: R5 G6 B5 A0 (Acc0 D24 S8)]

openGL info:
vendor: ATI Technologies Inc.
renderer: RADEON 9600 x86/SSE2
version: 2.0.5014 WinXP Release

Keyboard manager init...ok
Timer init...ok
Script-system started...ok

Everything looks right except the "Memory Load". Any help on this?

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to Drew_Benton: looks like come kind of error in sound initialization. Try to turn-off sound&music in "Rust options". If you use SB-Live! or SB-Audigy then you can try to install "Creative OpenAL" drivers in order to run Rust with sounds.

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to "Anonymous Poster":

It can be some errors with "holographic noise effect" of our interface... but when I tested Rust on various machines everything looks fine. It will be very helpful if you send me screenshot (or two) of the "unreadable text".


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