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BSP: Some issues & collisions

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Hi. I'm using Leaf Based BSP tree in a game project. Right now i'm using a Quake 2 map. To do a collision test with my camera i'm using a spherical bounding box. So to test if the camera as collide with the wall's i'm doing this: if(modulo(node->partition.RealDistanceToPlane(cameraEye)) <= raio) { return false; } But if the sphere intersect with the plane i need to see if the polygon that generated the plane is really intersecting the sphere? If not i go down further in the BSP tree. Is this the right approach? Another problem that i have is when the application build the bsp tree from a mesh it never stops.... If i limit the depth of the tree i cant build portals correctly. So anyone have build a BSP tree generator? It is fast? Anyone has tried big maps? Thanks.

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