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"xof 0303txt 0032" Anyone know what this line in .x means?

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Perhaps, magic?

"xof" = every .x file contains this so programs know it's an .x file
"0303txt" = to tell the programs it's ascii, not binary
"0302" = another thing to show it's an .x file


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Take a look here [wink]


The variable length header is compulsory and must be at the beginning of the data stream. The header contains the following:
Type Sub Type Size Contents Content Meaning
Magic Number (required) 4 bytes "xof " Version Number (required)
Major Number 2 bytes 03 Major version 3
Minor Number 2 bytes 02 Minor version 2
Format Type (required) 4 bytes "txt " Text File
"bin " Binary File
"tzip" MSZip Compressed Text File
"bzip" MSZip Compressed Binary File
Float size (required) 4 bytes 0064 64-bit floats
0032 32-bit floats

xof 0302txt 0064

So for you, you have an Ascii .X file that uses Major version 3, minor version 3, and has 32bit floats.

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