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now in alot of other industries ppl can make it with out any big biz money or help. for insatnce the music industry,lots of indy music ppl make 5 and 6 figure incomes out the back of a car so to get to my point are there and indy game developers who make it on there own(not literally but like the team) and if so who are they and what do they do now just wanted to know this tid bit of info holla at cha boy peace

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I personally know one indie devteam that makes money from their game:
They sell their Visual Basic written sidescrolling spaceshooter for 10 Euro. Boxed.
I think thats a great success. Perhaps they make big money once they have finished their first AAA title ;)

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1) it depends on your definition of indy [independent]:

a. a company that you work for as a hobby (i.e. not your primary job/source of income). Most shareware falls into this category.

b. an established/successful company where everyone is working full time (i.e. the company is people primary job/source of income), but the company isn't owned by any other company (such as a publisher).

2) I think you're talking about people in category a who've "made it" to category b.

The most recently successful would probably be who make "casual" games.

Perhaps the most famous (and successful) would be id Software (the Doom and Quake series) and Bungie (the Halo series - now owned by Microsoft so not independent any more) - both of those companies started with shareware titles.

Another reasonably well known company are Team 17 (the Worms series amongst others), they were formed from a shop (17 bit software) which sold shareware (and public domain) Amiga software.

If you go back further in history to the C64 and Spectrum days, things are a little more blurry, a number of now big companies (example: Codemasters) started out as "a couple of college kids writing and selling software from their back bedroom".

Finally, many many people who've tried their hand at shareware/indie games have gone on to work at large, well established games companies.

3) Do remember that for every indie band that's made money, there are 100s, even 1000s more who haven't. Same deal with games; particularly if you put a price on development costs when considering how much profit you've made (lots of people go like "woohoo I've made $1000 from sales of my game" without thinking about the 2 years of their own time they spent making it...)

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