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Multitexturing in DX8, plz help

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Ok, for this example I have a primitive with 2 faces. Lets say that this is a terrain object, so I want a grass texture on it. This part works fine. But, now I want to overlay a road texture with alpha map on top of the grass. This way the dirt road will blend nicely with the grass. How can I accomplish this with DX8? I used to have code to do it in DX7 but have lost it. I know that I have to set the textures and stages, but in what fashion. A code sample would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for any help, LostLogic

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well, i too have the same question
i know how to multi texture but i dont know how to set the UVs for the second texture (which is to be blended with the first)

the question is - how do i set the UVs for the second texture when using multi texturing????

thnx in advance!


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Original post by Jesava

Each vertex can have multiple texture coords. Don''t know if thats what you want tho.

If someone needs more help:
It''s quite easy, you,ve just to use the Strided drawPrimitive. You set up your own vertex format:
the mssdk sample ( in lightmaps.exe ) is clear enough

struct MT_VERTEX
D3DVERTEX vertex;
float tuBase,tvBase; // first coords
float tuLightmap,tvlightmap; //second coords

Then you set up the DRAWPRIMITIVESTRIDEDATA structure ( or something like that ) with the adress of your arrays:
the vertices,
the coords: m_Data.DrawCoords[0] = &my_vertices[0].tuBase;
m_Data.DrawCoords[1] = &my_vertices[0].tuLightmap;
And then you don''t forget to use the TEX2 flag in the DrawPrimitiveStrided to specify that your format use 2 sets of coordinates.

You setup which texture with which coords
You setup the TextureStage and all is good

My explanation is not too accurate, You''d better check the doc for Strided Primitives and the lighmaps exemple in the MSSDK.

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