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AMD GeForce is murdering my Intel RADEON made mesh.

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Hello, This is the second issue I have had when developing on a RADEON card and testing it on a GeForce. The first one was rather minor but this seems a little more problematic. I have two meshes on the screen and I'm using indexed skinning. GeForce doesn't support HW palette, so I've rigged the RADEON to use a SW palette so that I know that isn't causing this problem, they are both skinning and rendering the same way. With the RADEON in my Intel I get On the using the GeForce with an AMD I get Earlier I had a rather complicated dragon mesh rendering perfectly on both systems. So if that dragon works on both, I can't for the life of me figure out why this cylinder is being massacred. The diference between the two scenes is that the cylinder scene has two meshes. But I don't see how that would change anything, they are completly seperate entities in my program. Thanks

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