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OGL Coordinates and World Scaling

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Stupid question, however: In OpenGL, how do the coordinates work (ie relate to the screen) ? especially, what are the x and y limits, if I render a rectangle on the plane z=0 ? (assuming that the camara is at 0,0,0 and facing down the z-axis) {I guess the question comes down to what are the x and y limits of the screen plane} Secondly, how do game developers scale their worlds ? do they just try it and see until they find a scaling factor that looks right to them ? is there a more efficient way ? Any light that can be thrown on this this will be appreciated, Nick B

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You have to set up z limit, anything beond it is clipped away. You can usually just change the field of view to make it look bigger or smaller. How?

gluPerspective(45.0f, //the FOV
100.0f // the farthest something can be seen, z limit.

The x/y limits will vary because of the size of the window it''s rendered to and the aspec ratio. If you want those constant, you will have to prevent the window from being resized.

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