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DirectX School Project Suggestions

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Okay last semester we dealt with 2d game using FMOD/DX/DirectInput ... starting in july I begin to cover Direct 3D, since we ended up with a 94% on our 2d game (lost 5% for an SDK warning) I'm trying to get some ideas fleshed out now for a 3D game because we have some time limitations with only 1/2 the course. We are using the built in api for directX (SDK). Anyways here was my thought. If anyone have ever played tower defence for warcraft 3 or bunker defence for starcraft they might have an idea of what I'm getting to, if not I'll try to be clear. You start off needing to defend a point on the map, was going with a hanger while you repair your plane (I'll deal with the story later). Anyways defend a point, you start off with a set amount of resources, maybe have mining nodes that produce them aswell get some resources based on the monster types that you kill. My thought was to have waves of monsters come in to attack you, you are able to build platforms and either place guys or various turrets on them aswell as probably a radar. You would push a button, select what you want to build and click on a 2d grid to position it on the map, it would check make sure there is no collision apparent and go from there. Anyone think this would be a decent game to do in about a 3 week time span? or anyone think of anything I should change drastically? or just any suggestions in general :P.

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I've never played the tower defense stuff in WC3 (mainly because I really don't care for RTS games) but I do have a bit of experiance in making games in a limited time period for a grade.

Once apon a time (not that long ago) a game development class was given a challenge. To create a game in 1 weeks worth of time. Any game they wanted.

Group A decided to use a direct X wrapper class and a pre-created map editor and create a 2d side scroller.

Group B decided that they wanted to make a 3d shooting game similar to duck hunt.

1 week passed.

Group A displays their project, a complete game which was pretty fun to play.
Group B goes to display their project & shows ducks flying, but no BOOM BOOM.

The key to group A's success was that they knew their limitations. They didn't even try to write their own wrapper classes/editors. They took existing utilities and used them to produce a polished product.

Group B on the other hand decided to pick "duck hunt" and while the game seems simple enough group B did not have the tools/wrappers that group A had. Which made developing the game much more difficult. And in the end it turned out to be much more than they could accomplish in such a short ammount of time.

If you want to play it "safe" then design a game similar to the ones you've created in the past. But have some new features for instance if you created super mario brothers last time, try to create sonic this time. All the slope calculations, speed calculations, spring jumps and crumbeling ground beneath your feet will give you alot to do. In the worst case scenario you can always drop these new features and be left with mario if you run into problems.

If you want to put a little more on the line, try to create something just a tad out of your skill range. Move from super mario to an isometric game. Same rough tile system, same gameplay mechanics, new problems and obsticles to overcome.

If you want to fail well then think completely insane, and pick something you've never done before and are completely unfamiliar with.

The key to all of this is to know what you can/can't accomplish in the specified ammount of time.

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yah our last project was like a ff3 mock up. We had an inn, store, equip screen, status screen, random chances of fighting 1 or 2 mobs, an end boss, was decent for the time, I think one of the largest issues was the map textures, my plan with this was to use like a mountain landscape so there isnt a large difference in the area and most of the texture is the same instead of before where I was pieceing together 70-100 different tiles based on the location, even with a tile editor this took some time.

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