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Help Me Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I want program 3D Animation but I don't understand concept of bond hierarchy. (I read a textbook about Bone Animation but SourceCode implement by VC++(I use c#and Sourcecode is hard to understand ))please explian Bone Animation concept and implement CodeExample to me.

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Two things: 1) A topic title should be descriptive about the problem. "Help me please" does not exactly fullfil that requirement.
2) The ideal amount of exclamation marks to terminate a sentence has been determined to be between zero and one.

Respecting those two suggestions will probably increase your chance to get a helpful response.

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With a question like yours the only answers, if any, you're likely to get are links to more reading - probably the same stuff you'll have found by searching google.

If you want good, clear, answers from people on these forums you'll probably be better off asking more specific and directed questions.

What don't you understand?
What are you trying to do - a specific project/task?
What have you tried?
What have you tried that doesn't work?
Are there particular fragments, statements, functions of the code you don't get?


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Original post by Illco
Please transfer $100,- to my account. Would you do it? Me neither.

$100 ? It is at least 3 day job (making it, testing it and writing the documentation). If I need to make the functionnal specifications, I'll add 2 more days. If you need an example program, this will need anotehr 2 days.

I need at least $3500 to do the job (7 x $500). You can send me a check. once I'll have the money, I'll do it for you (you'll also have to sign a paper that would allow me to reuse the code in others project I might do. If you sin this paper, I'll be kind and ask for $3000 only).


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Well, basically when they say hierarchy I would assume the structure would be laid out in a tree format, most likely an N-Tree. So lets say we want to animate a person, if a person's torso moves, then it's a pretty sure thing that their arms are going to move, so we would say they are bonded to one another.
(Cheesy Diagram)

| |-Fingers
|-Upper Arm-Lower Arm-
| |-Thumb
|-Upper Arm(...)
|-Upper Leg-Lower Leg - Foot

Now, let's say every node in this hierarchy has a matrix, this matrix containing data for the translation, rotation, scaling, sheering etc. ad nausium. Anyway, if you move the torso, you move the upper arm, which moves the lower arm, then the thumbs and fingers. So basically The upper arms matrix will multiply itself by the torso matrix, the lower arm matrix will multiply itself by the uper arm matrix and on and on. This is called an additive transformation (I think) so if you move the torso, everything moves. If you move the upper arm, the lower arm moves, but NOT the torso (it's all one way, in a perfect world anway) I hope this helps.

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