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Strange compilation errors with mingw

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I've recently been getting too many INTERNAL COMPILER ERRORs with VC++ for my patience and so decided to try to switch to using mingw instead of the compiler that comes with VC++ (tried this before... but I finally found a descent alternative IDE as well). The problem that I get compiling my sources seems quite strange, I have the function:
inline v2 norm()
		float l = length();
	>>>	return v2(x/l,y/l);

The line with the carrots (>>>) generates the error: error: no matching function for call to 'v2::v2(v2)' I have the constructors:
	inline v2(float ix,float iy){x=ix;y=iy;}
	inline v2(float *v){memcpy(&x,v,sizeof(float)*2);}
	inline v2(v2 &o){x=o.x;y=o.y;}

And this sort of thing always compiled with VC++ (of course it's not exactly standards compliant), so could someone point out my stupid mistake here? I've tried playing around with it for a while to no avail, and all help is greatly appreciated, ~SPH

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Maybe not answering your real question: about the Internal compiler errors: are you compiling source that you have one a network drive? Visual C++ seems unable to handle that, copy it to a local drive and your fine..

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typename list<Character*>::iterator it;

iterator is a dependent name and therefore requires the typename keyword to disambiguate it.


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