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Convert to Viewport Coordinates

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How do I Convert a point in model world coordinates to window coordinates? Sorry, It sounds obvious. But the fact is this: I have a point given in world coordinates: P = {x1, y1, z1} The main task is to convert that point to viewport coordinates, The viewport has the following rules: struct VIEWPORT { float m_left; /// =0 minimun value float m_right; ///=1.0f maximun value float m_top; //=0 minimun value float m_bottom; //=1.0f maximun value float m_znear; ///=0.0f minimun value float m_zfar; ///=1.0f maximun value } The camera system is given as a 4x4 matrix: C = | l1 u1 d1 t1| | l2 u2 d2 t2| | l3 u3 d3 t3| | 0 0 0 1 | At last, the projection matrix Proj is calculated as following: /* l is Frustum left = -0.5 r is Frustum Right = 0.5 t is Frustum Top = 0.5 b is Frustum Bottom = -0.5 zn is Frustum Near = 1.0 zf is Frustum Far = 100.0 */ Matrix4Zero(Proj ); ///convert to 0 matrix Proj._11 =2*zn/(r-l); Proj._22 =2*zn/(t-b); Proj._13 =(r+l)/(r-l); Proj._23 =(t+b)/(t-b); Proj._33 =-(zf+zn)/(zf-zn); Proj._43 =-1; Proj._34 =-2*zn*zf/(zf-zn); Well, at this point, I think that to convert a point to viewport coordinates I have to do this: Cinv = Matrix4Inverse(C); //convert point to camera space Pc = Cinv*P; ///project point to screen Pv = Proj * Pc So, I expect that Pv.x is in range of {0,1} Pv.y is in range of {0,1}, inverted Pv.z is in range of {0,1} But It doesn't Happen! Pv has strange values, and I don't understand why, If C and Proj were the matrices that I pass to OpenGL and they work fine, but when I try to do the transformation by hand, It doesn't work! Thanks.

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