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SDL_CreateCursor Access Violation?

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For some reason this code causes an access violation (segmentation fault) when it runs. It occurs on the line with the SDL_CreateCursor call in it. I'm not sure exactly why that is, I've tried quite a few things and can't figure what memory is getting stomped on. Anybody with any ideas? The rest of my project works fine without the pointer code in it. Cheers, Bob
void NIGHT_system::load_cursors()
//your standard pointy cursor

    static unsigned char pointer_bit_map[]={			
			0x03,  0x00, 0x05,  0x00, 0x09,  0x00, 0x11,  0x00,
			0x21,  0x00, 0x41,  0x00, 0x81,  0x00, 0x01,  0x01,
			0x01,  0x02, 0xc1,  0x03, 0x49,  0x00, 0x8d,  0x00,
			0x8b,  0x00, 0x10,  0x01, 0x90,  0x01, 0x60,  0x00
    static unsigned char pointer_bit_mask[]={	
            0x03,  0x00,  0x07,  0x00,  0x0f,  0x00,  0x1f,  0x00,
			0x3f,  0x00,  0x7f,  0x00,  0xff,  0x00,  0xff,  0x01,
			0xff,  0x03,  0xff,  0x03,  0x7f,  0x00,  0xff,  0x00,
			0xfb,  0x00,  0xf0,  0x01,  0xf0,  0x01,  0x60,  0x00 
    SDL_Cursor* temp_cursor;
    temp_cursor=SDL_CreateCursor(pointer_bit_map, pointer_bit_mask, 16,16,6,7);

..etc through the rest of the cursors. 

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I supose it goes without saying that you initialized SDL?

Looking at: SDL Wiki - Create Cursor
I wonder about your height/width values vs the actual data you provided.
I may be reading it wrong, but it seems like it doesn't add up...

Good Luck!

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I am stupid.

I had the cursor initiation in my application class constructor for some reason. I have an initialization function as well that initializes everything else. Once it got moved back to the right place, everything was happy. I should have caught that sooner.

Thanks for your help.



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