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Guest Anonymous Poster
Prosoft Gammming
My newly formed company is going to make an RPG (Role-Play Game) called Survival. A player chooses a wrestler and then after he chooses a wrestler he chooses what wrestling school he wants to go to. The prices in the school vary so he may not get to the top rated school. After he is done training he will start in a low rated federation and work his way up to a higher rated one such as the WWF and survive that as well. In survival, the players' wrestler will have problems as everyday people have. Financial, family, business, injuries, problems with the boss, etc. Once a player is in a federation even if he is the champ he will be faced with more problems such as, keeping friends, fitting in, not being screwed by the boss (AUSTIN), not being attacked, and so on. The player must survive the game to be the game (HHH).
Here a are lists of features. Player will see everything he does cause it will be in 3D like a real game. All confrontations, talking to boss, fighting, etc will be shown. It will have sounds, 3D sounds, and videos. People will be made on Geneses Actor. There will be all types of people wrestlers, towel boy, fans, boss, taxi drivers, pilots, etc. All things tables, chairs, ring, etc. will be made with Calagiri True Space 3. Stadiums, hotels, restraunts, gyms, and many more places will be made on a Geneses 3D World Editor.
Here are what we have so far for the levels. Survial is a location -based game, so that on each level you will be going to identifiable places such as Wrestling School, gym, car, airport, car dealership, bank, arena, and more. In LEVEL 1, Player chooses wrestling school and starts off with 35,000. He trains and is ready to come out so he can try out for a federation. For the lowest rated federation, you only have to have 1. 5 months of training. For the highest rated school you have to have a least 3 months of training, a gimmick planned out, and you have to had previously wrestled in two other federations. Once you are accepted in a Fed, you advance to level 2. In LEVEL 2, you start @ Fed Headquarters and you go to the bosses office and negotiate your contract. After the boss signs you he gives you between a $1500-$900,000 signing bonus. Then you can go in spend that money if you want, but it would be wise to save it. Then you have four days to balance your time at the gym or whatever because on the fifth day you have a match. After you fight 10 matches, you will start receiving offers from wrestlers, bosses, other federations, and companies. Some offers are goo some are not. This is how you can change FEDS, get new gimmick, make friends, form groups, get sponsors, etc. You can change federations but the longer you are in a Federation the better your chance of getting a title shot. Once you win the third best-rated belt, you advance to level 3. In LEVEL 3 & 4 you will deal with betrayl, hate, keeping friends, finical problems, employment, etc. LEVEL five you go after the second best title and you are given a tag-title shot. LEVEL 6 you will go through pain and suffrage and at the end if you make through you will be given a title shot. LEVEL six you will defend your title 5 and then your boss will fire you for a younger star. LEVEL seven if you stay in the federation you can retire or if you choose to leave and continue your career elsewhere.

Philip D. Hobson
President and Founder of Prosoft Gamming

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