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Blackman Windows (Re: Generating Waveforms In Software)

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Hi, I posted here a few days ago about generating waveforms in software for making sound effects; that thread is here. I have sucessfully implemented the BLIT algorithm in a JAVA program, but now want to implement BLIT-SWS. To do this I need a implementation of something called a Blackman Window. I found an example implementation here and get the general jist of it but I don't quite understand the way the lookup table is calculated. Could someone possibly help me out by explaining the code a little more clearly for the calculation of the lookup table in that example? This sound effects generator I'm making is going to be freeware and I'm only doing it for fun to learn about digital synthesis, so I'd be thankful for any help. Oh yeah original paper on BLIT - Alias-Free Digital Synthesis of Classic Analog Waveforms

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