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Cedric Perthuis

5000 textures : D3D render becomes mad!

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I ''m making a 3D engine, all was good since I decided to put some lightmaps: I have loaded 5000 textures ( 4900 lighmaps of about 16x16 and 100 textures of 128x128 or 64x64 ). I have no errors, but the result becomes strange when I m''using a second texture stage for the lighmaps: When the view frustum is oriented toward the X or Y axe, my objects, walls, textures are well. But When I change this orientation, most of the vertices becomes mad: their coordinates seem to be randomized, so polygons are rendered in anarchy. The only changes in the code between the 2 states are the values in the matrix of transformation ( the matrix is well built since it works with a single texture stage, and just the 100 textures ). I ''m using DrawPrimitiveStrided with DX7, which I m''calling for each convex polygon I render. Has someone experienced such a problem ? And Get the solution ? Thanks For help

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Have to tried grouping several of the light maps together? You can fit quite a lot of 16x16 lightmaps into a 256x256 texture => alot less SetTexture calls etc..


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