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alex mcandrew

Price/Quality Relationship

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I''ve thought about this quite often and it is quite a big issue I must consider while managing my company/website (www.pcgamesforyou.com). My question is the following: How do people feel about the quality of a game (wihtout having played it) based on the price of it? The reason I''m asking is that my website will be selling games that obviously aren''t the same quality as DIablo II, C&C3, AOE2, etc. For that reason I''m not going to ask people for 50 bucks. However, when people see a game for $20 they will automatically assume that the game is not good and therefore won''t buy it. What do yo think about that? WiIth any questions or comments about my company pllease post at our forums: http://pub34.ezboard.com/bindiegamepublishing Thanks a lot in advance! Thank you, Alexander McAndrew mcanda@pcgamesforyou.com http://www.pcgamesforyou.com

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A good question. We make games around the $20 price point so we think about this a lot.
There are some people who do not realise that a $20 game may be a better buy than a $50 game, and who only ever buy top titles, but these tend to be hardcore gamers.
Think of all the people who buy presents for their brothers/sisters/kids/grandchildren, or people who get given games tokens worth $20 or whatever.
I would be happy to ask someone to get me $20 game for xmas for example, but would feel a bit cheeky asking for a $50 one.
I recently chose a game for my missus to get me for my birthday which involved much looking at boxes and considering prices.
I ended up with a £14.99 game, instead of a £29.99 one which was probably better, and i did the exact calculation you describe.
Personally I think there is quite a big possible market at the $20 level.


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Guest Anonymous Poster
A good demo trumps a price tag (high or low).

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